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Archives for May 2021

In the meantime.

There is bread, a toaster, jam and a mysterious mauve spread.

If we find the coffee everyone will be happy. Then, awake.

Were they asleep before, we would have woken them with a breakfast fit for the gods, but not destined for the gods.

You understand.

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Humming bird wisdom.

A beautiful ocean.

Texture and rhythm.

The sound of ultraviolet and the tone of infrared.

Just a token. Just.

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I confirm, you have the job, when will you start?

We also enjoyed chitchat that was friendly, informative and valuable in a get-to-know-you sort of way.

Now seeing as I employ two million people, actually a little more, I think I have a responsibility to think of them in a creative and caring way. I have three people dedicated to helping me, prodding me, testing me and encouraging better from me – for them all, every day.

It is never enough!

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Evaluating correctly and simplistic thinking.

How sexy!

Simple is good. Simplistic is a lazy version of simple.

Evaluating where we are, where we can be and more, is valuable.

And know this, when we are heading in the direction of the gilded castle of all possibilities and the best future, we just have to keep going. Jumping over obstacles swiftly and politely.

Most certainly.

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We will teach people to be nicer people.

We try hard ourselves and though not saints, we make the effort.

Hello and how are you greetings, sincerely meant, mean the world to some and probably…to the world.

Starting somewhere, better than letting it go to pot (so to speak!).

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