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Archives for May 2021

Let’s make things satisfactory.

Curling up under a blanket by a campfire, with friends and hot soup.

We know we are in a magic world of ideal ideas and wonders of willing.

The embers seem to speak, but we do not bother to guess, see, or hear the words.

It is just a wave of Goodness and possibility.

We are enjoying the moment that exists and our dreams for the future are bigger than mountain ranges, more solid than castles and beyond anyone else’s imagining.

This is it.

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Time to demand the obvious.

Simplicity, and, don’t keep doing what doesn’t work.

Tax. It is said everyone hates it. Whatever the case, make it simple – flat rate 10% over a certain income, no deductions, ten minutes to “file’ your taxes every year.

Legalize all drugs – end the “war on drugs”. Control, help addicts, open clinics, close many prisons and stop creating the biggest profit centre for criminals which is trading with and dealing in illegal drugs.

In other words, let’s start forging a Better world, where sense rules over vested interests and stupidity.

You in!?


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The god of wine came down the hill and asked for an orange juice.

The god of thunder came down the hill and asked us to whisper.

The god of speed came down the hill and asked us to meditate.

The god of food came down the hill and asked us to drink broth.

The god of banking came down the hill and asked us to cash a check.

We went up the hill to take a look.

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A rocky road, a wonderful world.

Sending signals with puffs of smoke, birthday balloons and floating feathers, we hoped everyone would come to our celebration.

We were celebrating it being two days after the day we last celebrated. The days in between were good, but when a couple of days pass we get hungry for more.

Then, well sometimes, we enjoy the calm of a week or two and perhaps a couple of months of near-silence.

Time to enjoy every atom that moves around us.

It’s so, then, really time to get familiar with particles and how they interact.

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They didn’t laugh so perhaps we should be serious!

The facts of the matter are a workplace type of thing.

Doesn’t mean those facts, that they are not supremely interesting.

We do need a laugh, we think.

And we need to know about the wonders of reality, analysis, extrapolation and discovery.

Our new system will help us all to laugh and strategize, sometimes at the same time.

Wonders really do “never cease”.

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