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We have as much difficulty making happy as we do sad announcements.

But if they come from the heart, the first words that bubble forth are the best.

Only when there are weeks to digest, prepare, note, write and edit, might it be a little “better”.

In this case “Better” is not always really… better.

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Sawdust and lemon meringue pie.

Neither are on the menu here because they don’t fit into our monumentally delicious explosively healthy theme.

NeutronLift is perhaps, one of the best names in decades for a new food concept.

You can just imagine inviting friends to meet to enoy a bit of Neutron, a bite of lift.

You be the judge.

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Diving to 400 metres we saw a light flashing green.

It was a luxury camp site with muticolored lavish and large tents.

Susprisingly even at this depth we did not need a mask, the water carried oxygen – or so it seemed.

But our impression was short-lived, when we realized we were at Mountain Heights, not Green Depths.

The wrong address, the right results.

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Hidden behind the dusty pane of glass.

A brave new world.

And a wonderfully well equipped launderette.

Next to that tribute to the high church of a functional service facility, was a cafe.

They served a crisp Chardonnay which allowed one to view the world anew, as a sort of virtual garden of eden, a source of everything, a wormhole or foundational distortion warp field.

Seeing can be believing but it is not always knowing.

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Somewhere to hide.

Grey or brown is unsafe at any speed.

A dark color is not a conspicuously safe choice because…it’s not conspicuous at all.

It’s also surprisingly unsurprising and fails to add to the Joie de vivre and feeling of flippant innovation, discovery and possibility, that adds sauce to the daily staples of life.

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