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Archives for December 2015

You gotta turn your own world upside down, I was told.

That was the answer I got to “how does one have a big influence “.

Perhaps the question was badly phrased –  inexcusable I thought.

But that answer? Something appealing about it. Say no to the fear, refuse the reasonable considerations and remember that nothing happens without atoms colliding, or something like that, and you’re going to love the answer.

Your own world is the one you can turn upside down. Lay off the one belonging to other people, choose your own!

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They were holding hands and sharing thoughts, feelings and instantly conducted ideas.

Coincidentally the flowers were blooming and the snow thawing, but there was still plenty of snow on the mountains.

People were skiing for the first time. 

Graduation day for lightness and brightness.

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On the way.

Leaving early enough and leaving the dough to rise.

Second fiddles were playing, they said. 

The pianos sped past everyone else.

White rabbits poured down escalators rushing to the most exclusive shops.

Top hats were available in all sizes.

The day began well.

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That view was a beautiful surprise.

They’d taken the tents down the day before.

The walkways and the entrance were shabby, almost derelict, the fare modest at best, but once inside, the island was visible through the brightness of the direct, setting-on-the-ocean sun.

The game was set to start whether twenty, or all seven thousand seats, were filled.

The players would do the same and achieve greater heights than last time, even for an audience of one.

But it is always rewarding and encouraging to hear the echoing applause of many.

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Then, there were ten.

Round figures, ten at our table, stable and merry.

Seeking the compass north and polar opposites we sat listening to each others’ stories.

Tales of trying, frying and eyeing.

What we always remembered? Who was there and who we would call if the ship hit a storm.

Time out of mind.

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