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Archives for December 2017

The stripes or streaks were in evidence.

We could see them – or there was a trial.

It could be either.

No frowning, no fever.

Tea and cakes with a gleam in the eye.

Terrific treble and great bass.

We have been equalized by being exceptional.

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A bull market in prose and a swan dive to slogans.

Did they really say that? Aha? Wha’? Ha?

Clearly questions, from the tone of voice.

It is our viewpoint or, just a vista.

No time like the present. We like presents!



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You are offered… everything, perhaps they forgot to mention it.

So where oh where to start!?

The order is your choice.

There is no time limit.

No right or wrong, just whatever is ideal for you.

If you do a hand-stand it may become clearer, or, you may feel a little dizzy.

Such a delight to be a VIP!



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Fermented stories were always the most interesting at the dinner table.

Wisdom tumbled from unlikely beginnings.

Remedies rolled down the hill and in through the kitchen door.

Sawdust was the greatest gift; a shortage made it valuable

The tuning fork never lies.



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Crumpled paper and pages of renewal.

We read the whole book in seconds.

Crackling of crinkled paper, a warm fire and flickering of hope.

Every day.

Re-start, flirt with perfection and adopt the recent reflection.


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