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Archives for November 2015

Half way down the corridor he remembered. He remembered he had forgotten the room number.

Never leave a note when the result could be confusing, he thought.

That was what he promised he would avoid.

What she said made all the difference.

Both had a smooth velvet jacket and black patent leather shoes, but they were wearing something else.

After all, in the tropics lighter clothes are suitable.

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Taking the long straw.

Drawing strings across pins.

Pointing the way.

There are horizons to be drawn even in the thickest fog.

The next person is to be considered for review.

Introductions are available everywhere.

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I am pleased and so were they. They told me.

Deep inside the cave there was daylight, fresh water and sunshine.

People sat on striped fabric deckchairs.

Cats licked the bowls of milk left for them.

An eagle approved.

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Rhythmic realms and long roads to freedom.

As sounds deliver answers and roads traveled connect us, we can choose so many items, adopt so many ideas and hatch new wonders.

Down to the line.

And then some.

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Dim light was put out of its misery by the electric rays of an altogether warmer world.

Sending a telegram used to be a mark of a significant event.

Now we can see firework displays and eat potatoes roasted on an open mesquite-logged fire.

Down to the last blade of grass, we will sign the letters of greeting.

I don’t get it. It does not matter today.

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