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Archives for November 2015

Shall we sing now? Dance? Act? Operate?

Oh to be an architect now that spring is here.

Time to sue and time to negotiate, before the summer comes and we go fishing at the lake.

We can agree on things!

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Trimmed with gold-colored polyester and plastic beads, they wore these robes as a sign of nobility.

The townspeople walked about in gold and diamonds, sometimes the practical ones wore titanium trimmed with platinum.

But everybody aspired to own plastic, cardboard and synthetic fibres.

Long live the king.

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Darting in and out of the traffic, we made good time.

Yes, we were being careful.

No, we are not in a chase, nor are we rally drivers.

We want to make good time, because time is good.

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Joe was meek and quiet, or so it seemed.

Maniah and Fassoud were the talkers, the dancers the doers and dreamers, or so they seemed. So much – yes!

All three met frequently and would never wish it otherwise.

Until they met Gabella.

Now there are four!

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From the top of the flagpole you can see everything, if you can get up there.

There is always that minor struggle to get to where it really works, where things are outstanding and even, astounding.

Even after 48 hours of travel it is worth waiting for the room with the view to become available. For you will sleep better and regenerate all the energy you need, when from your window, the view is right there.

It works, even while you are asleep!

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