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Archives for January 2014

Words such as “wonderful” may sound like a cliche, but when they apply you know good things are around you.

It’s a wonderful day, life, gathering, event, moment or creation.

A wonderful story.
A wonderful journey.

Do or remember something wonderful now. Does that feel good?

I agree.

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I enjoy painting and writing so very much.

Both have as a bonus benefit, potential uses for projects and to help others communicate their works and ideas as well as my own.

Cooking is fine too.

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Mirrors are not always accurate.

Reflecting upon life, possibilities and ideas is beenficial.

Today’s image is tomorrow’s story.

Stories are good ways of describing principles.

Polish an image.

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Draw a line between two places.

Now add a third.

To the north? To the south?

This day was made for good measure.

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A keyboard will type whatever you input or sound depending upon the keys you press.

Owning a keyboard will not create a book or play a concerto.

Actions speak louder than keyboards.

Music and Writing are laudable persuits.

Trying to write or to create music feels good and might just create a warm feeling or spark a thought in another person.

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