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Archives for August 2020

Different recipes with the same result.

Of course mine is the correct one!

Nobody else minds which version is the version that seems to be the same as the version they know so well.

This new dish, well that’ll soon see as many versions as there are plates in a banquet attended by all the world’s nations!

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Today I’m ready to be the new oracle.

It’s so easy to be a Guru if you are over seven years old.

Try it!

And it’s so easy to help people when you are a guru.

Here we go…!

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The eagles sent messages as they chose wind and air currents, like looking through a travel brochure.

If light and pale rocks showed enough contrast they might mark their home on the mountainsides.

Walking far from the road may not have been a strong suit, but today’s long walk into nature’s arms was curative.

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“Turn”, she Said.

“Twist”, he said.

Revealing agreement and synchronicity, they walked into the forest along a well-worn path.

Ajax the magician smiled at them, quoted Crocus – a poet and philosopher (she was also a master in Quantum Physics by the way), “We are only as good as we can be, when we decide to be so”

Then…everything was all right and the lands of Dandelion Dainty were settled, prosperous and happily creative.

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Didn’t say anything.

But that look was enough.

Tone of voice, expression on the face = the whole story.

Those times when the words are secondary.

Often true when viewing a sunrise or sunset.

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