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Archives for March 2015

The building is illuminated.

People gather from countries some have never heard of.

Several have arranged to meet at the cafe with the red rose emblem in the window.

Town criers would have loved the opportunity.

Instead it is your turn to lead the message you have chosen.

Leading the charge.

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Specks, sparkles and reflections.

Small diamonds, tinsel and polished platinum.

Glow in the dark and make the summer last forever and beyond.

Defy the dullness, bring home brilliance. Infinity for good measure.

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A path apart.

Demonstrate and celebrate differences.

We may all pass through the same filter, together, but we need those unique stripes, stars and patterns.

Do not allow a similarity to be mistaken for the very same.

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Listen here, listen now.

Got a great rhythm, a hearty beat.

Even the soul’s got soul.

Can you dig it?

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Mixed speeds and firm fields.

Growing food takes effort, energy and perseverance.

The effort is far less if one looks for food which grows wild, without encouragement.

Our abilities toward growing more food pay off.

You can’t pick much fruit in the city.

But you can be fruitful!

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