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Archives for March 2021

Another foot or two.

Parking was a slow process.

A ship that is longer than two tennis courts, a laptop and a Walmart parking lot in Arkansas together, is tricky to park in a “small” space.

But we can do it.

We practiced (a few dents, but no harm done).

We studied, and eventually they called us “Captain”.

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The moment the decline of the Roman Empire started is hard to define.

One simple disregard for the soldiers, the good workers, the wise counselors and soothsayers. perhaps that was it.

There has never been a country, enclave, organization or company that has thrived for long once disregard has won over endless care and caring.

So what to do?

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Smoke rose in a hypnotic twirl, stories resounded around the forest and we stayed warm when close to the camp fire.

Behind us electronic billboards shouted out the progress made in designs of crease-free socks, personal mobile libraries and instant swimming pools.

Oh yes! And, there was a bargain offer for a dinner with the leader. Whoever that might be.

We thought about the old times, these times and the times to come. That, took a long time.

So easy to fill a day. Such a wonderfully long way for a walk.

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Stones and rainfall metrics.

No connection, that was the problem.

There was no need to fight, no war required, just sign an agreement to agree.

Sheer genius.

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Being, behaving, breaking, brewing and brimming.

Sounds dubious or obscene….no…..it’s the new one-day-only transformation program which will be held in a secret offshore location.

Send payment now, we’ll let you know the where, when and how much, on the day.

Just be prepared, it will be insanely expensive, like a decent house in California.

You will learn a lot about ideas you will never use. A sort of MBA on overdrive. Or a palliative placebo that really works?

Who knows?

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