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Archives for April 2021

We are all dreaming.

Some more than others, perhaps that’s better – to dream more.

We are all hypnotized, propagandized and vastly persuaded about things that are good for us, better for them and best for everyone.

Yet, the biggest yawning gap in human progress is in human empathy and real-time, real honest communication.

Now, how can I improve this today?

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Just as you choose the music you’d like to hear, try to choose everything.

Or get the feeling that’s best for what’s next from somewhere else!

After a firework display, moments after the sunrise, before major moments of momentum….those are the examples.

Looking through the branches of a tree at the sea beyond is more rewarding than looking out to an uninterrupted sea-scape.

All yours.

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Interior designers, fashion leaders and taste-makers are to be avoided at all costs.

Avoid their pronouncements, even though they may be nice people!

Make your own choices, and remember anything that suggests life and vigor is the better choice.

Gradually fade not to…but out, for grey / gray. A bad lack of color good for depression, submission and cow-towing to nonsense.

Time to reappraise and welcome, contribute to and create a new renaissance.

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Find the receipt, log in, call, message.

A stairway to heaven it is not.

The assistant at the shop was merry, charming and curious.

We came out smiling and filled with a sense of world class lemon icing (on the cake).

Can’t get that online. But the thing is you need to know what works, for happiness and wholesome delight.

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Twisted branches in the local library entrance.

Years ago they thought this was decoration.

Now, it’s listed as of historic interest.

Really, there was just a shortage of funds – a bronze sculpture was out of the question.

A new spire will be built instead, made of glass, many pieces of glass melted together.

Still a mess.

But worth more than old branches, so they say.

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