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Archives for December 2020

Safe to say we’ll stay.

Such a strange phrase, we think.

Then, there are some.

Such a great vista and the potential is unlimited.

Imagination and thinking are unlimited. Possibly the only things that are.If so they are enough for a million lifetimes.

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Wires and a move in a card game.

Also a dance popular in the 1960s.

One word, sometimes just one letter, can remind someone of many things, put them a in a good or bad mood, hint at cooperation or atagonistic behavior.

We are scientists from birth. If we don’t admit it, well, it’s like saying it’s not raining when your jacket is soaked and water is rippling underfoot like a river and pools of water are punctuated by the plink of raindrops!

What powerful things words can be!

We are still learning about, and playing with them.

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Sifting the words and peas together.

We forgot the flower.

We added oil and butter and baked for three hours on a low light on the middle shelf of the oven.

Follow our recipe if you dare!

Otherwise leave the payment in a brown paper bag, sealed with duct tape, in the litter bin on Main Street in front of the poodle parlor.

Then, we will be even.

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I called it a river. Not sure anyone else would.

I was eight years old. A stream of water ran past my window every Friday.

At the same time a neighbor washed his car and left the hose running.

To me it was a navigable waterway and steamers would plie its waters.

I sat fishing on the river bank.

One day I caught a big yellow sponge.

The neighbor’s car didn’t look so clean that week.

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Sorting out the award winning photos from the idle-time sketches took an age and a half.

We could smell the aromatic wood smoke and the hint from some houses of roasts and pot boils of varied distinction.

We could imagine the bedtime stories being read to attentive children.

The signs were clear and easy to read. The symbols were universally understood.

Distant drums were a surprise – they didn’t fit this picture, this village, this life – but we welcome the novelty.

We’ll check one thing off our list if you do the same.

Get some rest.

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