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Archives for September 2018

They all worked together for so many years and were married to the same husbands and wives.

No secrets, no dirty laundry, no confessions.

Time was, they said, that everyone used to wear a belt, braces and spats.

Now the scrappy shorts were almost as long as a pair of farm overalls, but half as smart and half as stylish.

Trends, bends and loose ends.

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Dressing the trees in silk and thanking them for leaving.

The river and the stark vultures signaled the end of one journey and beginning of an epic voyage.

You have to study these natural, unnatural, and supernatural phenomena to understand all this.

Sufficeth to say, they serve breakfasts that have created legends over at the Inn at Pitt Creek.

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Making things anything but silkily easy for clients or customers is the result of sloppy and inept work.

Yes, a mistake can be made, but anything that takes effort to understand, operate or complete is  simply not up to the far higher standards we have today.

That’s great because it means we all have only one thing to aim for….better!

The experience – which must be a great one – of the customer is everything.

This applies to doctors, manufacturers, airlines, professors, plumbers and dentists. Add a few hundred more professions or crafts, add them all…there are no exemptions or exclusions.

It also applies to governments, administrations and their organizations.

We will have a wonderful world.


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A slice of guitar is enough for today’s music program, ladled with saxophone and a sprinkling of clavichord.

The College of Peculiar Personalities rates this one of the best exercises for the knees.

The resident president is swimming, most days at most times.

Gardens are open for qualified admirers – we only allow people who receive enjoyment from flowers and shrubs like a revival meeting of vampires in a private for-profit blood bank.

There are higher notes, but it’s hard to tell whether these are from the perfume visitors are wearing, or, a slither of rhythm and melody wafting from the assembled musical instruments.

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We can play in the sand, at the beach, by the sea.

It’s not an ocean. There are some, but this is its geographical junior.

Smaller but still too big to hug.

Gentler but stronger, kinder yet full with dignity and bravery.

We need no boats or rafts; we can swim and approach all shores with equanimity.

We are also a fashion statement.


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