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Archives for June 2018

Hardly here, hardly there, hardly anywhere.

A crash of a thrill ride with ecstatic moments of relief as we realize we are going to survive.

So thrilling, that realizing we are upside down and falling faster than gravity alone could allow is a calming moment, it’s reassuring.

Time, place and context – changes everything.

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It had not been possible to ride the elevator to the next inhabited platter.

Today it’s just a matter of booking ahead for trips during holidays and busy periods.

I loved the red rivers of Rundorke and the blue trees of Bulowondo in the spring.

Sleep on Slumbrastar was a divine 20 hours of rejuvenating rest, just press the “Sink into Dreams” button.

Living in just one “world” now seems so, one-dimensional.


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In the park with a beautiful day and a holding company.

Sounds like a corporate “picnic”.

Perhaps, maybe.

Aah…but there’s something in the air, what’s that sound?

One stylus on top of a groove.

It was ever thus, and this is all a secret message for the inducted low spark cool ones.

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Magnificent measurement solutions.

Enticing and hilarious.

All this over a grabbable piece of grainy, almost meaty, bread.

The whole thing lasts for hours. There is an intermission.

But that’s what happens when you haven’t seen someone close and long-known for ages and a few years more.

Connection – gotta make the connection, again.

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Yes. We all know. Even they knew. In fact everyone expected it.

So it’s ok.

There’s a silver lining.

Invitations are arriving.

White dresses, white tuxedos and white cars all with bright blue-green trim.

The celebrity of no-color with the tropical sway of near-green-almost-blue.

For you my friends, for you!

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