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Archives for June 2018

We have seen the light, the dark and the in-between.

Some wine-influenced comic said hello.

She cannot have drunk Bordeaux.

We visited the area and saw no sign of undue wisdom, just enough for a lifeline.

Praise the peon pensioners and the participating pranksters for their nervous energy.

Pause and smile before passing Go.

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Practically there.

Every day.


High above the fray.

Gilded trims of ionic particles.

A new service.

Anything is good, ’cause it’s easier.

Keep the effort for the reward.

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Did you say “Magic Feifdom young laird!”?

Always, after a slow pause, I found a way, a valuable nugget, a salty engaging story, from any given stranger.

Takes time, the right setting and that ideal moment, but it always comes…if you let time unwind like a carbon-dating spiral.

Sometimes it seemed like a new universe had been added like salt out of a shaker.

Other times it seemed, well, like sheer unadulterated, dripping silence.

Every century…. a dance.

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There is always a way to elevate the air we breathe to greater things.

Of course, we are not talking of respiration but of ideas.

A repeated application of sponge cakes, sweet cookies, doughnuts and other detritus will harm the mind.

So it is our turn to do some research out there in the atmopshere of concepts.

Certainty has enormous power to good and bad….it is impartial

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Simply put strategy for making cognac out of rainwater and rose petals.

Nothing surprises like the invention of a new brand of water.

Water is a good thing, then there is food.

Good water, good food.

The rest is a magic blend of empathetic splicing, slicing and dicing.

Flying far with friendship.

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