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Archives for January 2020

The view was worth noting both in written description and voice recordings.

And yet, we didn’t want too many to visit this place, they might spoil it, crowd it out and ruin the magic.

So we cast a spell. Only a few would discover the same vista each year.

This “magical intervention” is something sought after by every much-visited community in the world. This is another trillion-value company is in the making.


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Don’t fool with the mule was the general rule.

Actually more of a suggestion, whether you rented a car, played the flute or tried to impress someone with silence.

No laws and no chains. No cause and no blame.

We are all advanced in our thinking and really, quite tame.

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Drive forward a bit. Then turn onto the highway.

After thirty minutes trees decorate the landscape and people wearing red coats and blue hats can be seen riding sleek horses through the forest.

Even though we read the story when we were eight years old, the reality has been created today.

It’s another form of progress.

A boost to tourism too!

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Shopping, taking hangers off the racks and heading for the fitting rooms.

It would have been so much better if we had looked at which sizes we gathered.

Disappointed by the long legs, or tight waists, the wrap-around underwear and the artificial silk silk shirts, we left the place in a huff.

Short-lived sorrow was cured when asked for an autograph by twenty fans wearing just those clothes we really wanted to buy.

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We sifted through the old fabrics and found a red silk tie and matching scarf.

It is time to welcome our guests and start singing.

There will be ballet, conversation, fireworks and digital book signings.

The morning will give us a chance to fill the gaps.

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