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Archives for November 2019

Traversing the unfathomably high top bookshelf in the Passo Splendido public library, they felt hungry.

Two pages later waffles and a big chocolate egg seemed like a good answer.

Never daring to ask any questions, especially not directions to the philosophy and philo pastry section, they sat down on page eight and yearned for the index.

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In the dust there were tracks which led to the sun and further along there were rows of baked muffins.

We have drilled holes in perfect silk garments to test the quality and this has increased the cost of the remaining ones.

There are always better ways of conducting research.

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Drizzle of olive oil, silver streaks on a birch tree and the gift.

A present from three friends I knew so well that I hardly knew them at all.

We were discovering many things for the first time and re-learning some for the second.

A holiday, declared or undeclared is still a holiday.

We always wait, we always did wait, for the biggest wave.

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Today we saw the sailing boats climb slowly to the tops of snow-capped moutains.

The mountain lions drove cars with leather covered seats and gargantuan engines.

We met new people, new to us anyway.

We used the greeting “howdy!” for the first time.

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Really Awesome Delivery has become the new people, management and artist’s credo.

It’s spreading faster than a speeding bullet train and gaining more influence than trashy networks.

Better get on board soon!

Or not.

Stay calm, think for a while, look out of the window, walk and breathe.

Now, sense makes sense!

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