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Archives for November 2020

No time to think. Decide. Act.

At other times it was the long evenings where the stars seemed to slow down, the sentences we created were wonderfully poetic and descriptive.

We made plans in sketch form. The mention of those dreams only a few of us committed to.

Same days, different waves.

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The streaks of burning color across the sky suggest that if we had neighbors they must be in bed.

We will not explain.

Instead we love the colors, the chromatic chorus of consolation and cheer.

Just so you know.

We now know you know, and that you know we know you know.

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Nothing but orange juice.

No sauces or pumpkin dressing, No superfluous piping or lace fling.

Some plain white plates do more for food than one I am tempted to design, any day.

Simplicity. Yes, I know we’ve all heard of it.

Remember the simple, does-one-job, vegetable peeler. A marvel.

Then, another time the omni-tool might win your heart.

Choice means choosing.

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Grateful and satiated, said the butler to the swine.

We fixed the door, took a tour and caught a ball of twine.

Just in case you wonder oh yes, oh boy, oh sigh, it’s all mine.

Will he share, they wondered?

Just enough to spare.

Climbed the mountain in silk pajamas and still not a tear.

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A swift look at fast-moving clouds took us where we wanted to go.

Nowhere really, just outside the sphere of news and views and towards a playground of thought, contemplation and imagination.

Next stop, tropical paradise and cool fish tacos. Or warm fish tacos, both are OK.

And then the sights. What we see is what we imagine and what we imagine is all down to letting go of the set menu.

Nothing for sale here. No need to pay. It’s all about today.

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