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Archives for November 2020

A swift look at fast-moving clouds took us where we wanted to go.

Nowhere really, just outside the sphere of news and views and towards a playground of thought, contemplation and imagination.

Next stop, tropical paradise and cool fish tacos. Or warm fish tacos, both are OK.

And then the sights. What we see is what we imagine and what we imagine is all down to letting go of the set menu.

Nothing for sale here. No need to pay. It’s all about today.

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A story.

To be told.

When you are ready.

All stories can be interesting, any event, any subject.

It’s how you tell the thing.

With feeling, that’s all that matters.

Express yourself!

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When you think you are surrounded by not very clever people.

Just think about someone you admire.

That’s it, the whole weekend course – without the travel, the fees and the drama – in two sentences.

Should I start to create weekend two-day learning seminars?

Is this the beginning of an empire of inspiration and strong leaders?

No! We are not willing to lie, cheat or compromise. How about that!

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Blue squares on a grey background.

Take away the background and we’re off to the races.

A pancake, a sausage and a hamburger took over a food conglomerate.

We’re all eating carrots now, with a shot of whisky (not whiskey!).

No time to lose…the chocolate’s getting soft, and everything else is just sitting there waiting.

Initiative, that’s the thing.

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Oversight, under-view, indigo and blue.

Shrink volcanic ferment into small cooking tools.

Read the verses stated in the book of tools, not for fools, just ignore the rules.

When concrete sets, it is hard.

Yes, we know everything is made up of particles.

So as one bunch to another, hello should be said and an ear tuned for the reply.

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