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Archives for February 2016

There was no toasted bread in the refrigerator, as expected, but layed out on a linen covered platter were every type of bread ever created, toast and soft rolls and fresh loaves and more. 

The forest crumbled in harmony with the local soothsayers and artists.

You can have your bread and toast too.

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They flew past each other so fast that they failed to recognize the truth in the flowing flags.

A flag of convenience and an inconvenient truth.

They were candy store philosophers and academic lovers, flying flags of flames.

On the way were the photocopies of originals. 

The blueprints of inspiration’s fuel.

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A pair of slippers were waiting beside the bed. 

Beckoning to the Princess, they talked softly of warm comfort and a feeling of strength.

She had known since she was five that she was going to lead people and help create a future better than any expected. 

She put on the slippers.

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Sending pictures and seeing paintings.

It was the light, they said.

It was his passion and her intelligence according to the historians.

What do they know?

It was in fact, the way they chose to live. And that is that.

Thanks for the memories!

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You decide using unique methods, when there are few clues as to which way to go.

Strange new town, no map, no guide,just a will to wander. 

Mostly you make a good choice. 

How many times have you discovered the best of memories-to-be, by taking the road you guessed. No compass no map. 

Lots of fun.

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