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Archives for May 2014

Vintage clothes. Oh those colours were bright and cheerful!

Modern buildings. What is a “modern” building?

High technology. Heights of invention.

Application of science to further the progress of mankind.

Mind over matter.

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Are you sitting comfortably?

Is someone going to read you a story?

Will you tell your story to someone today?

We all have paragraphs, chapters, books and volumes which make up our lives.

Even so, this moment and the next are most special and deserve attention and curiosity.

Have a good day.

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Leaves rustle like a master of ceremonies announcing the tree that supports them.

A band warms up before projecting soul-stirring sounds from the stage.

A rain drop without clouds.

A desert with spring buds blooming.

Toys and games.

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In between a drink of water and a glass of wine is a shadow of liqiuid.

On a rainy pavement chalk does not draw well.

Silence like gold is precious but not always useful.

Choose which words are wise and which foolish.

A spell is cast, for the better.

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Steps and moves.

Swaying in the wind, coasting on the river.

The shape of a mouth.

Gleaming smiles.

Traveling light.

A look so slight.

With all your might.

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