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Take a day off


Take a day on

Taking a day “on” is equally valuable as it means considering the reason for every single thing you do for one day

You wake up, take a sip of water – why?
You brush your teeth – why?
And continue to ask the question why. Do this for the whole day.

Do try this.
Then, you will see why.

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If you have a birthday today – celebrate !

If your birthday is on another day, get ready to celebrate.


Because I tell you… It makes happiness make sense.


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Remember today. There is something to learn, something worth remembering, every day.

This is one of the ways to learn.

After all it is your own experience that is the most valuable teacher.

Certainly, the most valuable knowledge and understanding comes from your own life rather than any outside source.

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Do not hold back on enjoying, experiencing and reveling in good moments, cheery things.

A sunny day, a bright result, a triumph.

Celebrating all of them – opening up the gates of radiant happiness – will provide the power you need, whenever you need it.

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Sometimes a sadness creeps up. Some sad thing happens.

Allow it. Release it and gradually let it grow away.

What happens may be true. But most of all be true to you.

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