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Archives for September 2013

“Make hay while the sun shines”

“save it for a rainy day”

It’s always raining…somewhere.

The sun is always shining…Somewhere.

Take a card.

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Trusting your own opinion.

On occasion you may listen to an expert speak about a subject you have had little exposure to.

You can still and should still, feel free to question the “expert opinion”.

In fact it is essential to our wellbeing that enough people feel able to question anyone’s…and everyone’s viewpoint. Listen, learn and question.


It feels good once you get used to it.

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If it is the weekend where you are do something “weekendish”. Even if you are working, five minutes is all it takes.

You define what the weekend, or that five minutes means to you.

Weekend time is your time.

Soar like an eagle!

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Carrot Cake
Espresso Coffee
Green tea


Conclusions to work upon today

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A big city or a small village have the same things to offer.

They also have – of course – many distinctive characteristics and feel quite different to visit.

But when you live in one, you may find the other tempting.

Worth seeing when you satisfy that temptation – does the place really offer what seemed so appealing?

Put it in its place or don’t!

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