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Archives for September 2019

Handed to you on a plate.

But where’s the plate? What’s it made of and whose is it?

And, why should you need it handed to you?!

We wandered down the twisting, hedge-encumbered lane, wondering about philosophy and what it was and what part it played in, what influence it had, over our lives.

All we could think of were jokes and hilarious moments.

We became friends then, and friends we still are.

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You’ve been nominated.

To sweep the floor.

To kiss the bride.

To mix the paint.

To wash your hair.

To wash their hair.

To ignore the nomination and just go ahead and boldly enjoy the elation.

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There was another universe.

It was right around the corner.

Dresses and waistcoats in colors and fabrics we’d never seen.

Someone was painting a field of tulips, another was painting a strange rendition of a castle.

Everyone was able to invent and design, but that’s nothing new…everyone can if they clear their mind.

So this was the revelation we unknowingly waited for.

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Funds, fronds, folk and frippery.

A carpet, topped with a rug, topped with a coffee table made of Chicago steel.

A wave machine lolling from side to side as the two viscous, but of different viscosity, liquids swirl and produce that soothing effect.

A banjo player, a violinist and a vocalist sooth the furrowed brows of those with furrowed brows.

A bicycle goes by with the endless reflection of gold-plated spokes acting like a mobile solar system.


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In some ways things were boiling and we were ready to launch the future.

After our recent discovery, it became clear that no qualifications were needed to imagine, invent and create the future.

With a world that is opened to a blank page, we will pick up a pen and write the notes and guidelines, the ideas and the benefits.

It will surely be persuasive, an everybody-wins phenomenon.

At last!

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