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Archives for June 2017

Flip flops and cotton sheets.

At sea, the command given sounded like “tighten the sheets”.

We are talking about the sails, not so much about the linens.

On a 30 meter yacht, there is room for a desalinization plant and several other big civilization devices.

Yet, in the middle of one of the world’s largest oceans space can seem limited. One must remember to have a point of view, the view itself is so large and never-ending, you need to fix on something or sheer madness can set in.

Perhaps we should choose our entertainment carefully, lest it becomes an ocean where the sight of a supermarket shopping bag floating far from it’s originating cash register, is the most welcome of things.

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Did the deck chair move on its own, or was it the strange ripping of low-in-the-sky sunlight….. we will never know. 

The people who told the story have not been seen here for many years. 

The local meter maid is the last one living at the beach.

Everyone else wanted to face the mountain peaks, be inland, be by a law if water were the aim, and not listen to the soothing sound of waves tempting the shore. 

We are persuaded that making up our own mind is the best idea. Takes discipline, courage, and a clear mind, but it’s well worthwhile…you’ll see, oh  good student.

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The rising bridges seemed like camel humps in a line across multiple rivers.

Which one to cross, and what we might find was the pleasing puzzle.

At cafes women in stylish clothes, even summer beach shorts had a style reminiscent of grand ages of explorers and long summer trips, and gentlemen in white suits – sat looking amused and fascinated by each other. 

The posters stuck on faded pastel crumbling walls announced an opera or concert performance. Some more fluorescent ones listed raves, rap and late-blooming aging rock and rollers who would fill the stage with bloated personality and swagger, and the concer halls with masonry-loosening vibrations. 

Summer in a city.

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“Willing to be wonderful” said the wicked witch to the wise magician.

And all the good people roared approval, salute, loot and toot. 

Some flew high, some dived low….just a soft kiss was the sweetest glow.

The freshest things grew.

It was all I knew.

And now….during a whole weekend of discovery, skullduggery and broiling brew – for the hugest price ever known, all cobwebs will be blown. 

And yes, since you asked, I’ll teach you!

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Soothing jade roller and the meridian lines of relaxation.

When the complexities of a day seem to loose all connection with your reasons to try, strive and progress, a cool touch of some soothing item can trigger relaxation and a return to the cause you love. 

Even allowing an ice cube to melt in your hand, just a bit, will help. 

Anyway, it’s an interesting distraction if the alternative is a mesh of high frequency noice and busy dust.

Another method is trying to make up a joke.

It’s a good contrast to anything that strains the temple.

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