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Archives for August 2014

A winding road passing through rolling hills. Bright sun. A breeze. Warmth.

Water, reflecting lights. The harbour.

A feast under starlit skies.

A soft pillow, sauntering and soothing dreams.

A bright morning, whether sunny or cloud covered.

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Own your habits. Do with them as you will.

Let no-one else choose your behaviour, of course!

See the brightest things, aspects and traits and encourage them, both in yourself and in others.

What a canvas what a sheet, what a ball of wool!

You are the influence.

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The messy mayhem of beauty on a beach.

Under soft warmth provided by the dwindling sun, sit two people talking.

A wave higher than the rest, makes a sound to rival the rustling coconut palms.

Three bears look north.

Today could be different.

Soft focus.

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I had a day without (almost) any digital tools usage. Laptop tablet and phone use avoided bar a few essentials.

It is not the digital part that is important in this scenario

It is the On-Demand Me, that gets a chance to go quiet, calm down, chill and relax.

It’s worth trying for a day.

Digital Cool, you might call it.

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Most walls are built from small stones or bricks.

Most bricks come from mud or grains of sand.

A pair of tweezers is a better tool for repairing a watch spring than a sledgehammer would be.

Shirt or blouse?

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