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Archives for October 2016

There was a map. The map did not appear to resemble the place it was about.

Some guides are good but have little to say and some are bad but could have said a lot. 

What we often want is a sort of paradisical purgatory. 

It is a mistake to select that option.

Better, is the mystery ride. Mystery is only something we do not yet know.

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Surreal, it may have been, looked at from the outside.

The banks dispensed icing sugar to cover the cracks.

In a decorated way, soldiers fought for ideas, ideals and deferred display.

Grateful deviance added to the mismatch of similarities.

We can all scan the bar code and relax now.

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Do well, they said.

Twirling a baton in the orange winds.

A wing to win worlds.

A token. Yes.

But what a gesture.

We are impressed.

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The bell was still sounding, later in the day, yet it had only been rung once that morning.

Lasting effects.

Every story once retold, spawns a life that etches its theme into the nearest rocks and lives forever.

A vibration is part of the connectivity of everything, in this universe.

 Not only is that true, but I think it is a comforting thought!

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If they do not speak clearly, teach them to speak. 

But when learning a new language, first understand, then teach.

Specialists can be helped by teaching them something other than the one subject they know about Perhaps how to tie their shoelaces is a good start!

We are not trying to be clear, we are just going  to enjoy the day.

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