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Archives for June 2014

A loud voice or a haunting melody.

A sweeping lyric.

A broom.

A harp.

One misty mountain morning, yawning before breakfast, I drank coffee with aristocrats and dishwashers.

Part one and part two.

The end.

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Many talk about putting aside time for quiet contemplation.

This is a good idea.

Don’t worry about it, you can gaze from the train window, watch and notice the world go by from a cafe…it all contributes to (relatively) quiet time and reflection.

Why do this?

It’s rare for any continous activity not to fade over time. So the quiet, the reflective becomes the “pause that refreshes”.

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Salsa, Jazz, Opera, Rock ‘n Roll, R & B, Classical, Louge, Jazz, Funk, Hip Hop…

Great names – they sound evocative because we have, I think, become familiar with them.

Tunes, melodies, rhythm, lyrics and memories.

Spend enough time with any musical instrument and you will start to find combinations of notes that please you.

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When a set of numbers add to a round number, are you happy about it?

How about 3+8+2?

She who counts is counted.

He who is counted tallies.

We are not limited by any numbers.

Go figure!

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There is nothing automatically better about something new, or for that matter something that is old.

Progress is about new things and generally it”s good.

If you are looking for a spectacular fossil, the latest model with added features hardly qualifies!

Things need to be measured on their own qualities using a specifically relevant scale.

Perhaps it will be good to use a new measure for an old process.

Perhaps an old process, adapted, re-interpreted could solve a new problem.

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