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Archives for March 2014

A secret tip.

Think of the best thing that happened when you were 21…or the best thing you want to happen when you get there!


Think of the best thing you can imagine causing to happen today.

Just feel that, let it sink in like coconut oil on warm skin.

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An old bridge.

A river below.

Hills sprawling up and away.

Fields of marigolds.

City rythms.

Country feet.

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Hats and gloves.

Wine and cheese.

You can put any items together in any order you wish. Just have a reason or inspiration.

Grand inventions and dazzling creations.

A supremely kind gesture.

Treat yourself.

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Today, tomorrow or the next day?


Now is real, tangible and workable.

What you create now exists.

Might do, won’t do.

Go do, go enjoy, go forward.

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Some flowers glow in the dark.

Some rainbows span an arc.

Some people feel good.

Some people you can help if they ask you. Their choice.

You can be who you want to be. Best to make that…you can be yourself!

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