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Archives for March 2014

Orange skies.

Bashful beauty.

Bountiful benefits.

Effort, well aimed always produces fine results.

When you chop wood you are best advised to aim beyond the edge of the piece you want to cut.

It makes it possible and easier.

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Taking notes
Making Notes

Being brilliant

You and I have ideas at the top of the tree.

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A Family Affair.

Thank you for letting me be myself again,

All these are (close to the) original song titles.

Music with uplifting or thoughtful messages.

I will add these types of feeling whenever the opportunity arises, to things I say today.

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Cheesecake, playing cards and paperback books.

It may appear these have little in common.

But if you eat one, play with the other and read the last in the same day, you may feel that they are connected.

Framing things, framing a view, can intensify what is contained within.

Thus, a day can be a “frame”.

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The sound of an ink pen moving with new words across paper.

The sound of a keyboard in use.

New words, new music.

A story begins.


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