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Archives for December 2013

If you remember the names of all the authors of all the books you have read, you are lucky, or unusually good at remembering names or…you have not yet read many books.

There is always time!

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Travel in its best form, or when you approach it best, is definitely an educator and enlightener of the whole person.

A walk along a street can be as informative as hacking through a thick-grown jungle.

A view can inspire or just be admired.

Take great steps.

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You can never have too much music.

You also will benefit from silence.

So you can have too much!

Decide today, to make up a story you would tell to a five year old before they fall asleep.

Learning to easily tell stories, and, enjoying music, go well together.

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I enjoy cooking. In fact I enjoy it so much that at times I am inspired to become a chef and cook for many.

I never use recipes. One exception is my Christmas turkey recipe. All other cooking sessions are inspired by the moment, the ingredients at hand and some sprinkling of experience.

I recommend you try doing more things “without a recipe”.

Do not be disheartened if you are writing recipe books, they still inspire and give ideas to free-form improv chefs like me!

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There are more enjoyable things to do than digging if you don’ t need a hole.

But digging is perfectly satisfying if you need the result.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking so many things “need doing”.

Probably there are a few great things for you to do and they may not be labelled “important”, “urgent” or “MustDo”.

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