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Archives for March 2017

Surely that was the sun setting? Or was it Monty and Melissa meeting the neighbors?

Signals sent by unskilled semafore  operators and commands from biscuit manufacturers can be taken literally, or with a pinch of salt. And…figuratively too.

At the end of the day….when you add it all up….if you look at the facts…. 

Oh who cares, it’s summer in the city and time is slip sliding away.

Let’s meet on – or under – the boardwalk?


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A live event, a cabbage, and a superstar.

This was the only chance the youngest son of a wealthy impresario called Show Time, had to follow in his father’s footsteps. Would he succeed? We will only discover this in the final episode.

Show’s daughter, Langton Time, had already revolutionized the political process and medicine. Yes, the whole pharmaceutical and hospital world, as well as creating the framework for countries to avoid despots and charlatans taking control, and the tendency towards prosperity and clarity for all.

So the pressure was felt by the son, even though he was almost guaranteed a place at the high table of achievement and laudable endeavor.

If only they had chosen a lettuce.


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Sangria. Who invented it? Easy to discover, but let’s guess and not run to the usual source for the answer.

Make up a game. Invent two new words. Imagine if 5 plus 3 were 8. Oh wait, it is, so imagine if 5 plus 3 were 9. If blue were red and yellow were purple…what would we do?

Are you fed up with being told what to do? Well, this is the answer to that, and a lesson (simple one it may be). If after being told to Make up… or Imagine….or Invent…you always do just that, perhaps a bit more iron resolve?

You are your own woman, your own man, or any other state or way of being (see how fair this is today?) and you can decide what the [ choose a word ] you should think.

What power you have, oh bright one!


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Size and location were the big choices people wanted.

What else is new when planning living spaces on a new planet?

Over time there have been a few who ask about specific qualities and characteristics.

What are the sunsets like? Will we find people interested in talking about paintbrushes over a pint of Rustic Solar Ale? Are there any debating societies and songwriting clusters? Chewing gum championships?

The best advice ever given was silence followed by a story about one person’s experience. For some, the story hit home. Others, though they didn’t know it at the time, really needed the next story.

Laughter echoed from the cave walls. And then the modern age began.

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Waiting at the glass castle.

Congratulations and if there is anything, anything you need, anything at all…..all you have to do is call….here’s my card. We are family now.

White dress and dark suit.

Flowery Venetian robes and eccentric bow ties. 

Well-polished cars and bouquets. Champagne and chocolate milk shakes. 

Something for everyone.

It was a special day. Memorable.

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