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Archives for July 2015

As the sun crept in I lay down my pen to sleep.

The door, creaking like an old reminder, opened to reveal nothing.

A cat was not stepping gingerly. A tiger was loping towards the hills.

Over the trees a mist spread like soft butter.

A golf club lay on the driveway and a small golden bird looked alert.

The milk had been delivered as if a history book had been opened.

It was not a weekday. Life was brewing toward a memorable episode.

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Leaning slightly, the building was a work of art. So they said.

After the Leaning Tower of Pisa there had been few copyists. After all, that building was not designed to lean, it just listed over time and due to a lack of footing for the foundations.

It is a curious idea that there might be many more great sites of interest, if some other mistakes had not been corrected.

I think it is better to plan towards the result you want to achieve.

But it may be an idea to review the pie that does not rise in the oven, the design that slips sideways, the overexposed picture and the painting with dripping paint.

Delicious, accidental masterpieces.

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Is describing a sunset more difficult than creating an instruction manual?

How hard something is to do is not that important.

The easy things can be hard, the hard easy.

Why? Because a big task demands focus, a small task can seem piffling and irrelevant, hard to focus upon.

Poetry is no easier than linear fiction.

Describing principles of economics should be hard because the principles are only relevant if they can be applied!

It is easier to explain something that fits somewhere rather than that same thing in isolation.

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Seeking an answer takes focused hope and optimism.

It is easy – we do it all the time.

Adopting this feeling, state of mind and tone of voice could help many other activities.

When a tennis player serves, the ball is expected to go somewhere good and to be “in”.

When you aim a comment or venture a suggestion or propose a world-changing idea, a little of this hope and positivity fuels it up to succeed in completing its journey.

Perhaps that’s why so many enjoy travel…it usually works out.

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It may turn out to be true that nothing is random.
But I think the “random” chance upon a good thing does happen and is often valuable.

If everything you look for (in life or business) is prescribed, categorized and pre-selected, no room is left for that chance encounter, chance noticing of a great new thing, or a business that just started.

Perhaps the best thing about being able to search for terms and search for things we already know interest us, is to free up time for the random roll.

Everyone is finding the listed category-filler all the time. It’s easy.

But the new connection you make and create in your mind, will be the foundation of a fortune.

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