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Archives for June 2019

Sure things in the fenced reading arena.

Over time people get the same idea.

Not that they agree, they just “come up with” the same idea.

Good. Because it’s like a fail safe.

If I had not written this someone else would, or will.

I’m now not so sure about that!

But Newton and the apple, gravity; then electricity, photography, computers and of course Star Trek!

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Strident fuzzy feelings wafting out of trees and cellular networks.

Which are authentic and which are false.

This question applies to everything if you need.

Sure things, diamonds and transparent wings.

Float at remote hearings and campfire jokes all resulting in warming laughter.

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Yes and no. But which? Tell me!

It’s OK, I cannot possibly agree with every word you say.

You don’t like watermelon, I grab it with both hands (if it’s big enough!)!

This mush of non-say, fit in and fuddle, fuse and meld, not so good unless it’s Vulcan mind-meld.

If you drive a Jaguar and I drive a Trabant, next week I might travel on an electric roller skate – just one, the other foot flailing in the air – where are we?

The answer is…just good friends.

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The leaf seemed to sway as if intoxicated with too much cognac.

Not all trees are the same. Branches differ in reach, style of spread, bendiness and shape.

We do not look for shade, just the idea of it.

A rustling sound is a bonus heard when leaves form an orchestra or band of brigands.

Pirates add that foolishness of danger-tinged romance.

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Sent by express mail with middle of the night wake-up delivery service.

Calories removed, fats extracted, carbohydrates drained away.

All scents, colors and flavors whether natural or otherwise, neutralized.

Service with a smile and True Empathetic Assistance would have been so much better all along

TEA – True Empathetic Assistance, want to join?!

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