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Archives for July 2017

Disappearing angels and the arrival of more.

All the bright ones sing – stay awhile.

The trees wavered to the beat.

Flowers rippled in rhythm.

The water surface showed wave forms of sympathy.

When we understand, that is the real graduation.

Oh happy moment, and, looking forward to much more.

Write a story for a child…it’s been too long.


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She woke up with the idea burning a hole in the horizon.

They reached the sky in no time.

A shoe lace of orange formed a perfect arch.

Flowered hammers assembled barns, shelters, and gazebos, without any need of hands to hold them.

A country grew on its own without legislation or debate.

It took only inspiration and strength.


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“Grace under pressure” should be the goal of all fortunate people.

Anything less is always inelegant, and sometimes ugly.

It is easy to practice, difficult to perfect and hard to adopt consistently.

Because it encompasses true inner strength and avoids a need for approval, and also obviates hunger for accolades and recognition, it is something truly fine and honorable.

And doesn’t the phrase just roll off the tongue, like droplets of fine nectar poured from silver chalices?

It does.

Here’s to our best efforts!


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Do the right thing and smile to the left.

That was not a political statement, more of a dance routine.

Sharing brightness the light was dazzling.

A peach would have a better idea of an orange if it knew it was the fruit of a field of trees.

What would a parking meter think about the conversations close to it, or a laundromat about the gossip and part-time philosophy emanating while suds rise and dryers dry, we wonder?

Some of these could provide fodder for brilliant ideas and arguments.

We mean arguments in a scientific way, the way of discovery and experimentation until the “Eureka!” moment.

Time is up, for today.

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After many years, agreements had been reached about everything anyone could think needed to be agreed on.

This state of balance and mature happiness was new.

It was welcomed.

We now hope to teach the methods used to reach this high state, to all who wish to learn.

And those not so interested, we hope that with a mixture of drama, comedies, and skits, we can teach them to want to learn!

When you know you are right….we need you.


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