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Archives for July 2017

All quiet on the southern front and all the others!

But there was dancing in the high mountains and painted faces in the valleys.

Some travel shows you new things.

Sometimes you open the observation ports enough to learn something.

Even traffic jams have something to tell you.

Look at the person in the car next to you – not for too long or they’ll get nervous – and decide upon a possible story for who, how, when and what they are.

Contact in a car.


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Only way to tell a story

Live it

Leave four

Take five

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I would add the dream sequence and remove the writing desk until the party starts.

It’s all in the flick of the wrist. I was told that.

We were trained to spot a salesman selling wisdom that was true, a mile away.

We ran after them to ask questions and get free samples.

None the wiser, we ate fried tomatoes and grilled sardines and some left out the non-vegetarian sardines of course.

A democracy, as most presume it should be, was created in a small space behind the exhibition center.

Watch out, your freedom is beginning to show!


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Sending smoke signals and electronic messages at the same time with a slight variation.

If the medium is the message, these two communication chanels should not carry the same words!

We are wishing you good tidings of summer, scents and herbs.

Two ways to see an orange sideways and a ripe pear for care.

This is a veiled, but firmly offered invitation.

See you here soon!

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Not much to say.

But saying so much.

Just that expression, facial muscles pulled tight and then, on recognition, becoming a well-rounded smile.

One word meant more than many.

The ladies told the gentlemen to dance.

A sworn saint, a beginner and a chef walk into a bar.

They buy each other drinks and nobody can tell them apart.

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