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Archives for September 2020

When you can’t sea the ocean but can hear the waves crashing onto the shore.

Perhaps there’s something wrong with the camera?

Oh! We found the fault.

We were looking in the wrong direction.

Only a world of worldliness and cosmopolitan blend can save the imagination from dreary detail and rot.

Human beings are made for variety and the new.

I’m telling you!

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A red circle, geography and prosperity.

A few of the things we thought about today.

Of course there were others, but these covered a painting, why countries thrive and mindsets.

So that’s enough for now.

Supper tonight, breakfast tomorrow.

Sleep tight.

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No idea what to say.

We must invent a story.

A soothing one for bedtime.

An inspiring one for the morning.

Ah! A combination story suitable for any time, that’s it!

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A good life is built on exceptions.

Jump over those limits, what are they for…? Created by a bureaucrat – no doubt about it.

Do not be a bureaucrat by the way. It’s not healthy for anybody.

Make exceptions for yourself, others and other others.

No, we don’t need people to “run things” for us, to answer your question!


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I don’t know anything about Druids.

So let’s talk about something else. Unless that is, you care to enlighten me?

Breakfast seems like a good start.

Whether a tea, coffee or wholewheat waffle.

The waffle could be part-wheat, not whole.

But, who’s got the time?

It’s half past six.

I mean…. yes, we see.

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