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Archives for September 2020

These findings show that you are you.

You may laugh with derision.

You should not.

Because within this utterance is a key to every door you have tried to, or might in the future try to open.

So is this a gift? It is.

Enjoy this new key.

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Honest, is that it?

Trust is a complicated and mysterious thing, sometimes.

Sometimes it it quite simple and has been built up over repeated instances, years of being solid, reliable and honest.

Integrity! To the rescue. What a great and important word.

Even when the fogginess of nonsense obscures it, truth and reason are going towards the enduring real health of integrity.

Have it!

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Shock! Delight! Or curiosity?

It could be anything.

I like the idea of greeting everything with a sense of wonder.

Of course who wouldn’t?

Yes, but have you ever thought of Trying That!

There…a gold bar’s worth of inspiration. You saw it here first!

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Are you the chairperson of a large Bank?

Why? Or, why not?

Banks have a lousy reputation in the realm of decency, integrity and morality.

Could you change that by example?

Perhaps the idea of a bank is out of date. Yes, we know the necessary functions of a bank, that never has to prevent a new contrivance being created. It can be.

For now we’d rather have a fresh-squeezed orange juice while watching the sunlight of the last summer day sink in to early autumn!

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Did we solve your problem, did we offer you cake, did we tell about the time we sold portable hot tubs door to door…?

You can take you time to answer even though we are biting at the bit to ask you more questions!

Have sunny disposition.

Time to change position.

Really, this is no imposition.

Take tea and sympathy.

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