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Archives for October 2017

So many plush leather armchairs, stools, coffee tables and men and women waiting to serve customers.

I was the only one.

The only one in the hotel.

The only one on the airplane.

The only one on the ship.

The only guest on the yacht.

The one and only.

Have we been introduced?


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Wanting a quantum cake mix and the lions of Doratorator.

Another chapter in the epic 8 part saga that is blowing away the cobwebs from career advice and tea cakes.

Bus-loads of delivered speeches, remembered, rehearsed and set free.

A night of cool water and spritely broccoli, ancient mariners and cool brokers.

We are the architects of everyone’s dreams.

The train is leaving the station or the tracks or….town.

Flags, balloons, and bunting.


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Up to 70% more.

That! A joke!? It’s not enough. Enough with that!

Down the road, it’s up to 200% more, and further along…whatever you wish.

We’ll take the salad, with chrome paint and velvet power.

We are in a jungle made of foam cushions and silk curtains.

Did you call yesterday?

Remember today, now, this moment.

We guarantee moments.


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There was a tremendous celebration.

It went on all day, music, lights, decorations and games.

Everyone continued their work as usual. Or, they proceeded with their retirement. Or, crouched down over their studies. Or, drifted across their dreamin’ and schemin’.

A hundred candles fizzled out at dusk and the night was able to win its place in stardom.

All things considered, I was delighted to attend and put all the pieces in place.

Then, I started a painting the size of a planet and told the story of the ages.


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Hello, good morning, and welcome.

But, we mean it!

And we love the way you tilt your head/clear your throat/smile at miscellaneous pigeons…

There are better things….

Lots of freedom, even where restrictions rain down on open hearts and seeing eyes.

The choice is an ice cream.

Even in imagination. Flavors, sizes, combinations, sprinkles.

Imagine bigger.

Be you…be the one. That style, even if it is a secret!


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