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Archives for October 2017

Climbing from star to star, we jumped between asteroids and sent a greeting to strangers.

Strange. Familiar. Funny.

We want to make you laugh, without thinking about it.

The trail we leave glitters and flickers and brightens.

Hello, how are you…we’ll leave you better than we found you.

That good?


Even better.




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Climbing the walls of excited applause and admiration.

It’s nothing you need and everything they offer.

That’s fine, good, exceptional, magnificent – because you are the designer of special hours and days. These, you get to enjoy.

A purple and gold layer sits on the horizon.

It is merely a trim, a frame for your view of the things you create.

Try a new phrase, hum, change pitch and it will resonate like the most memorable song.

Well, if you told them that, would they follow you…?


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We chose the color and the shape.

It was available in the brightest light and the roundest squares.

Anything else had to be ordered, with no delivery date assigned.

We sat beside the camp fire and saw the marshmallows sag.

Fish and cauliflower, yoghurt and dandelion soup.

We ate earlier, thank you.



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The tree is loaded.

Time is ripe for harvest.

We, Thee and They.

Suddenly, labors of long wishing and golden furrowed energy lead us up the garden path.

That conversation, the passing of minutes as we waited for the train to  arrive, led me to my multiple seats of fame.

I am calm, humble and brave. Even when I doubt that, they tell me. Like a reminder written in the breeze across my temples.

Shall we start?!


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Say no? Why? We do not allow it!

What is not allowed is that final negative, can’t be done, finality.

We won’t…maybe. We can, but we don’t know how…OK let’s get together on this.

It seems sad that it takes some years for a new vine to grow to bear good fruit.

But in that time we learn a lot if we buy into a few subjects/topics/theories/languages…hell. anything!

I am climbing new ladders and looking for the newest views from the castle walls.

Will you join me!/!?/?


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