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Archives for October 2017

The deep, shiny green leaves fascinated us, soothed our eyes. and seemingly complemented the aroma of freshly brewed coffee.

What a start to the day!

People were scarce. Just the waiter, oddly smart and formal for such a mountain village, acted as if the commuters were arriving. In fact, there were none!

How we found this ideal base for a writer or a composer, to finish their magnum opus, neither of us can remember.

Perhaps we were drunk with a traveler’s ecstasy when we left the city the day before.

It’s the highlights, the favorable ones, we remember so well.


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Most pathetic utterances are soon forgotten.

We do not salute poor character, we enjoy, reward and admire fiber and form, just choices, and strong resolve.


Yes. We are all glad you proceed with improving your empire, big or small, even tiny, that you preside over.

It matters not, what the Names do or say. You can get on with the real things, the big decisions and actions you take every day.

We enjoy your sparks, flares, and routines.

Today, especially. And, every day.


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Really Awesome, they said. And that was about the driveway leading to the entrance, leading to the fountain, in front of the church of full laughter and thrilling socks.

We are defying the norms of respectable attire….how? By wearing black, grey or brown. Misery ensues unless you take the medicine.

Look at the Old Masters. They were old. But they also learned that environment is not only the hill over there, but the shirt and car color, the wall that is also magnolia and the, yet another…grey thing. Stop! Start again!

Who wants to be grey?

We don’t know.

We would rather enjoy some soup.


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The spectacular, the artificially divine and the friendly introductions.

Hello everybody and welcome to the show. We are here to entertain you, educate you and send you out into the world renewed and ready to lead!

Do you you really think WE are ready?

I would like to play a song with a musical instrument backing me, in perfect harmony, Oboe perhaps.

Does this sound good, Does this sound all right, Do you like it?

As we have said before let’s dance!

It’s worth a try. 

We are always ready!


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The Discovery Around the Next Corner and, The Boys in Blue.

Two for the price of one.

Wanted “…discovery” but was not so keen on “….Blue”.

Choose the one you want.

So many songs, so many gurus, so many prophets, so many pulpits and lots of profit.

Let the next one tell the truth and help everyone make a habit of the same thing.

Got to get a grip on the laser.

Grab good by the waist, and hold on, and listen, and learn.


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