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Archives for October 9, 2017

Dry weather and the bubbles in the glass. 

Be aware of the water needs. 

Salute! Salut! Cheers! Yamas! Noroc!

Respected friends, anticipated colleagues, greatest loves.

Life has given us the thrust and the peace to enjoy these stones, timbers…the very bricks and mortar of strong presence and soon-to-arrive futures. 

So…sign in, stay, speak!

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Would you add an inch to those heels?

Would you add another color, just every other hair, to the style?

Would you take a rest?

Would you sit and think?

Gaze across a skating rink, only imagine the skate and the slice-swish across the ice.

Pah-pah-pah and ding-g-g-g ding-g-g-g was all we heard before the conductor flashed a white-toothed smile, and signalled the double bass player to follow the french horns.

It’s all connected. We just need the adaptor.


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