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Archives for January 2021

Sliding down the hill on a tray marked “Joy’s Cafe” was the highlight of Puig’s holiday.

Both of them had become firm friends while the visit to appropriately named Snoslyde described as the “Ski Area of the south” continued into spring.

Puig and Dewley had never met before this longest-ever holiday, even though it turned out they came from the same town.

Their parents had sent each of them with their appropriate grandparents, the “oldest skiers on the hill“, for this epoch-making trip to allow their own travels to progress as both sets of parents were astronauts away on even longer flights of fancy.

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Stop all that chewing, ruminating and hesitation.

No tobacco, no gum.

Something else is going to get the job done.

It’s worth doing, you’ll see.

They’ll be smiling as the morning calls.

Stand up straight, lean against the wall.

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Ready soon.

Down the road.

Two ways of saying hello.

One way of making it show.

We are all here to welcome you!

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Soon, sometimes means now.

When it does it needs to be said clearly.

Taking charge, leadership and decisiveness are learned as well as a result of resolve.

Resolve comes from diet. No! No!

It comes from a decision to assess, project and act.

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The question was answered. Providing one wore a grey coat and the other a black coat in winter, they would be happy as long as their spouses continued to offer a new car every year or two, vacations in tropical climes and smart clothes to fill all the walk-in closets.

They were friends from the first days at junior high, and that continued through adventures sane and crazy, through boy and girlfriends and all sorts of others in between.

Now they would be buying adjoining parts of an old mansion, recently restored with no expense spared.

And that was their rule and method of living life – No Expense Spared, Ever.

Soon to be known as NESE.

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