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Archives for May 2018

The ceiling outdoors.

Chandeliers, pedalos and parasols.

Crisp lettuce and bar flies.

The summer beach bowl.

Your task is to make them think.

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Mirrors at the end of every meal.

Yes, Food.

Less, if you are on a diet of water and water and water.

Reflecting is a good idea.

Reflections warn or welcome.

A metaphor for melody.

Simple tomorrows.

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Practicing luck.

They sat cross legged with heads bowed.

A murmuring sound came from the whole group as if they had all seen the same apparition together.

You are lucky.


Be it.

Lucky you.

With pleasure.

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Diluted origins of fame.

Not you, because we know you are the greatest raconteur of all time.

That’s why we can’t wait to meet again.



Let’s fix the time and place right now.

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Odds in betting, fillers and magma traders.

Romantic interludes were a well known feature of life, in novels, films and sometimes in daily life.

Possibility and the theory of melting certitude has changed things, but only in tone.

Music, atmosphere or use of language.

We get the picture.

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