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Archives for April 2017

Waiting for the envelope to arrive.

It was purple.

Not sure how they could read the address, making it hard for the delivery person.

The handwriting was ornate and stylized as if the writer were designing a typeface.

The pleasure of receiving this flat platter of a physical object was so great, it was easy to forget the message and just enjoy the flowing script. 

In a few words a lot was said. 

On one sheet of purple paper a new world opened up.

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Ballet and classical dance in the morning, tango at night.

Rigid rules seemed relaxing to some, they helped avoid the need to make decisions.

Semolina flour could be a substitute for something. 

Non-stick parking meters a substitute for something else. 

Wearing a cape has long given the wearer a sense of supreme capabilities. 

We can be dancing in clothes fit for life.

We calmly announce that there will not be a test after this reading.

Thank you.

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Dipoles and cathode ray tubes, finding the anode…what’s that you may say, well it was a hobby type of thing and allowed many a pirate radio station – read unlicensed – to go on the air. Long ago. About 35 years ago.

We enjoy a lack of monopolies in many things in many countries. 

Watch out for their creation again as they were breeding grounds for appalling service, high prices and frustration. Also the home of “safe jobs” however minimal and appalling the work delivered was; jobs that were secure but as boring and soul-destroying as watching cheese grow mold. 

So there is good reason to salute creativity and visit an art gallery…on your own terms.

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The transparent folder had nothing inside.

You could see right through it.

Expressions of joy, concern, excitement and admiration were mixed with the gratitude of a warm and gentle breeze.

Fluttering along the marble walkways were small posters, paper printed with the cries of ideals, hopes and visions. 

Today we will climb the gap between stone and soft grass lawns with a readiness to test every step and remember every breath.

Sway slowly between the bushes of banter.

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Hibiscus pizzas were never as popular as cilantro ice cream.

The teas and teazed styles were a compatible brew of tastes and senses and people. 

A crossword puzzle floated slowly to the ground. 

The bells swung in the wind and played not a sound. 

They smiled in Torrador del Playa.

The work was done in Yang. 

Who said Ying?

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