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Archives for June 2013

Better to do a quick “something”, than nothing.

The temptation to do a perfect or Great work is a good one. Up to a point.
Sometimes the work you can do now may not seem to be your magnum opus.
But one brush stroke, turn of the lathe or assembling of the tools to do a job, can produce the first step towards something great indeed.

Take that step!

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Is confusion amusing?
But confusing unconnected people, ideas and images can be funny.

The intention matters.

Clarity is good.

So is humor.

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A beautiful road is usually one with great scenery and bends to navigate.

It says something that a long straight, endless-seeming stretch of road is rarely thought of as beautiful.

So is beauty interesting?

Is the interesting, beautiful?

Where or what is the link?

Enjoy the road.

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Make a wish.

Take steps to make it come true.

Good system!

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Finding the connection between two ideas can pay handsomely.

Connecting two people, two companies, two processes, is often a case of the total result being greater than the sum of the parts.

Cross-fertilization happens in every aspect of life, the world and progress. Not only in agriculture!

What or who might you connect?

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