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Archives for July 2016

There is a gate and then, a path. It leads to a house.

Always visit before sunset.

Arrange to take a gift.

Whoever answers the door will not be the person they say they are.

When you leave you will be refreshed and energized, you will see all things with new clarity.

Stories can have a beneficial effect.

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Dry leaves. Wet towels and hot drinks.

It was a sign of the times, they had said as they looked at the village clock.

New ways of cooking, building, eating and sitting.

There was time to dream and time to plan parties.

The day came when new lives were discovered and horizons expanded.

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There were two lines. Many people in each, waiting patiently.

Nobody knew why they were waiting or what for. 

The third line was imaginary. 

In this third line everyone knew what they were waiting for, they imagined it. They never had to wait.

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Tree-lined boardrooms and carpeted roads.

Decor decides demeanour – if you let it.

The influence is there anyway. 

Best add the pickles after the main ingredients. 

Build it… and they will decorate.

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Kisses sent across the waves. 

Radio waves? No these are waves that carry only good thoughts, one station – the right station baby!

Always play the tune you like.

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