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Archives for April 2018

Later than we thought, and feeling rushed, we forgot all lists and schedules and got so much done.

If time is elastic…what isn’t?

If glitter gathers in dark corners can bright lights dull the paintwork?

That’s it, we have no more time for questions!

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Dry books marinated in wasabi oils.

They all exist.

So do we.

Derived from rich greens.

The hues win.

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Heuristics of happy vegetables and the likelihood of genius rising.

Even with a 23.3 million dollar grant secured, the work ahead of the team seems to be like climbing Everest on just one finger.

We will publish our results in Model Maker Daily, to avoid unnecessary scrutiny.

Our mission for the day is to shop for a rare, ancient Malt Whisky for the resident consultant’s birthday.

We know she deserves it as she comes from Big Name Consulting Corp and has worked wonders with many considerably more difficult projects.



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Token gestures and the kings of the estuary.

Towns were established, cities flourished and forests grew high and thick.

Wise men and jesters, soothsayers and drummers all gathered for the harvest festivals and the official investitures.

Where, when and how, we still have to discover.

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I sat down to play on the keyboard, there was no keyboard.

The music poured out like an endless pot with a resilient spout.

There is no musical intrument as big as the thoughts and feelings it produces in the hands of a determined player.

My compositions do not have to fit in a tonal plain, they just engage, amuse, arouse and explain.

Where and when, anybody’s guess.

Carrying on, with the best.

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