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Archives for May 2020

Porcine mushrooms and alcohol wipes with a side order of jokes.

Start making sense….please!

Baby, you wander like the shuffle and otherwise we dance well.

Look to the peaks and troughs, it’s a straight line in between.

Stop measuring, start making sense. Lyrically.

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Grey should go.

Time to enjoy differences, variety in every way, place, person, mood and mode.

Grey – forget it, it’s a bad idea, it personifies fear, uniformity and lack of personal decision..

Blue—-good. Red—-lovely. Yellow—-brighten up the day. Green—-powerfully soothing. And so on. The beat goes on!

Join life, be alive, be conscious, be bright.

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We were prepared for everything. But everything hadn’t been invented.

We became flexible, adaptable, on-the-tip-of-a-pin ready.

Now, we were really truly, fluidly…prepared.

Oh wise one – oh glorious gargantuan!

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Just remember, it’s a choice whether to take note or take notes.

All questions will be replied to, slowly.

We saute our answers on a gentle heat.

Sometimes we add pepper to pep things up.

We make salty what should be.

And we are always forced to smile when you arrive. It takes no effort at all.

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Read a book and wanted to write one. I’ll read another.

A trumpet sounded on the set. Quiet please, we’re here thinking.

Draw those velvet drapes or they’ll see what is real and what is false.

Trees do not wave in the breeze. But we want to know who does.

Pasta used to tie the barn gates closed lasts for just a short time.

We are turning up the music louder and lighting a cool fire.

Yes, you may go now.

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