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Archives for November 2014

How to thrive in traffic jams is an ongoing study.

Some may pass the time learning from audio courses, listen to audio books, enjoying music, plays or radio.

But sometimes being able to edge forwards in a car, at a slower pace than you would walk, and to just enjoy that – wouldn’t it be good?

The Zen of Traffic Jams – perhaps that’s next!

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Crowded streets, festive feet.

As many shop for festive gifts others do feats of amazing lifts.

Weaving through the crowds, proud with successful finding of gifts, we can now think of other things.

Is the choice there, is there a bear?

Is the market roaring in warning or future despair?

Have a moment with not a care.

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Pure cinema, pure music, pure drama.

All writers, directors, producers and actors together.

We make our play.

We write our script.

We sing our songs.

We express emotions.

We are audience at some time, source of the action at others.

A great freedom, every day.

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Your own epic.

Better not to rely on others for epics.

Good to receive inspiration and motivation from them.

Just as you usually, do not eat from someone else’s dinner plate.

You are your own Epic.

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Sabotage boredom by being interested.

There is no need to be bored. Oh yes a few minutes of the stuff, boredom, will do you good.

After that there’s too much out there to entertain, interest and intrigue you.

Just relax into “interest”, no pressure, no compulsion and it’ll fill the apparent vacuum.


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