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Archives for September 2017

They looked up at the blue sunrise, sky reddening with health.

Smiles and hopefulness, cereal and toast.

The light weight of conscious sparkle.

As day smuggled itself into night, the edges were azure mixed with cobalt

New villages sprang up like extruded gardens.

Power and powerful plenty for the new settlers.

It won’t be that long.


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Updated buckets and the Malificient Symphony Orchestra.

Loved the posters!

Blue splashes with red lettering and an easy-to-remember phone number.

A work of profound melodies and heartfelt sweeping symbols.

Clashing! Brash! Bright! Certain!

A ramp for brilliant bellows and perfect timbre. Even better pitch.

The next edition will include the introduction, the list of ingredients and coloring pens.


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A pyramid-shaped idea.

Texture: velvet with a hint of silk.

Dimensions: large.

Portability: feather-light

Desirability: 10 out of ten, veering on 11.

Announced: Tomorrow (always).

Place your orders now.


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On the flickering of thoughts in a jar.

Thoughts are attracted to light.

The butterfly of the great idea is colorful.

Dressed like that, are you inspired?

Tell us your story.

We only want to listen.


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They looked strange.

They were updated.

They felt so much better.

We were not so sure.

Would they sit and join in the conversation or did they have a new idea, we wondered.

Version 2.

Let’s jump ahead and start with Version 8.

Then, everybody will think we’re “ahead of the game”.

What game, we wondered….


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