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Archives for June 2015


Well, that’s a good start.

We have little doubt. We are sure.

We should pause for that fraction of a second however, to check our premises and look for a better way.

Progress is built both on finding how to do something better and creating something not yet in existence.

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Liquid interactions and smooth flows.

Being firm now often allows an easy exchange later. But this should not be used as a tactic or game.

Games played in real life, rarely adhere to the rules of those played on a board with a glass of wine in hand.

Perhaps it is the glass of wine that makes all things possible?

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Fast along the road and fine form into the forest. 

The traffic is a collective abstraction. Transport – yes, ebveryone’s idea of a holiday – not so often. 

How to make the tasks which support dream destinations and meaningful moments a pleasurable experience in themselves, is a good question to have answered. 

It really is a matter of enjoying the journey as much as the destination. 

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Decent behaviour and the flavours of originality.

Swearing is not forbidden. But it is often an unimaginative way of communicating. It also tends to make agreement with those who already stand by your side and disagreement by those who do not, more entrenched.

Find your own way of describing the flavours and savours of the world and its beings, and you will grow in every good way.

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A crescent shape to the day.

Curved buildings, bananas and near-circular tours.

Sometimes the blocked street that causes one to circle part of a town, reveals it.

When you wait for a train, you may start looking around, seeing the train-getting people and the architecture of the building for the first time.

If you do not enjoy observing, things, people, anything, then you really should learn. Yes, you can learn this ability and make it a habit.

Of course this is simple. You already do this.

well, how about more?

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