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A dream design better than any before.

The sink was too low. But now by breaking with tradition it’s just right so that there is no more stooping and back-defying balancing.

Most things that are a “standard” height, or length or any dimension, are a low standard of convenience and a high level of inefficiency.

As you go through your day, look at the most basic things you use and enjoy easily deciding how they could be – often with the simplest changes – so much better.

Let’s re-design!

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Ha! And again, Ha!

It’s good to grunt or exclaim when the horizon is far, the people few and they all know you.

Or to yourself. However, better to give yourself a peppery talk and create a centuries-defying plan of invention. Because it is.

All roads lead to everyone else’s driveway.

All air is free. Some of it clear and fine. Just like wine.

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Pleasantly obstructed, the whole thought process sent searing signals of laughter.

Then man with the enormous beard, three rows back, laughted with such power and pervasive performance that we expected the stage curtains to fall off their runners.

When the stage lights came up, brighter than usual, we saw dazzling recreations of our own lives.

Only when the audience contained the same people was the show the same twice. Not ever.

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Shared seating was more truly shared than we expected.

On those train journeys I sat with someone sitting in my lap or vice Vera, we were strangers at the start of the route and almost so at the end.

One time I ended up in correspondence for years with a new shared seating pal.

So the next time I walked into a restaurant where all tables sat 10-12 people, everyone joined strangers at the meal, I felt I’d returned to a sort of traveler’s home away from home.

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We drove through the forest, staying on the surfaced road even though tempted by mysterious logging tracks.

Later we realized we had always been in the clearing, with open vistas and endless understanding, all our lives.

The next time we took winding tracks, more like poorly sketched paths, and discovered the answers to questions we had never thought to ask.

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