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Squiggles and colorful lines were the simple decoration on the long, hefty curtains.

Drapers had worked for years to introduce an attractive, cheerful, yet distinguished flourish to the grand house.

We didn’t know.

So we asked the big, tough and peppery question, “have you ever seen the rain?”

A smile soared toward us like a vulture discarding mean pickings.

“We can help you” the drapers said.

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Diplomatic concrete and windows softening forever.

Just look, describe, and sit down to dine.

We are together again and this time everyone has a story.

Telling these stories we discover life, and our differences living similar lives.

Striped and dotted, soft and focused.

It’s so clear.

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Didn’t seem that way.

They were upset, without cause.

But that makes no sense. There was cause, things exist for a reason – not for no reason.

And I laugh for cause, easily, because so much is funny.

Funny peculiar, funny ticklish, funny nearly-insane, funny different, funny all the same.

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Make them laugh, because you can’t help it.

No plan, no script and quark-galactic success.

There are no parallels, there is no comparison.

A long path of petunias.

A slow wave of twinkling eyes.

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No time to tell you now, gotta unwrap this new package and try it on for size.

Strange thing to do with a delivery of iron log-grabbers and fireplace bellows, but who’s to know how some people evaluate their hard-won purchases!

Traditions are built on copied dramas or adopted routines.

And what a lot of fun they can be.

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