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Tell us how to go higher, they asked.

We did not know what they were talking about.

Was this a bid for intoxication, a new view, a distortion?

Or, were we with hikers and mountain climbers? Social climbers?

Clarity is often elusive. So are horizons.

No matter…or does it…matter?


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A walk in the park.

Sun, shade, shadows, rustling leaves and trimmed rose bushes.

Never before, but containing a long history.

Fresh as the day could bring, soon the conversation would begin.

Dairy made and hard to please….but the idea is not to try.

Smiles made from green leaves, brown leaves and small twigs.

Driving a footpath through the origins.


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They offered such delicious and healthy food.

At last a leader in food choices, the “Apple” of restaurant concepts, leading, by offering a completely new idea of a meal instead of the same insanely minor variations that leave all restaurants so alike.

There truly is always room for innovation, for novelty on the highway, the high street, my street.

Time to get down to planning and stepping outside the menu.

Worthwhile because people always want to eat and it’s lots of fun to feed that need!


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The documents lay strewn across the desk like a swiftly discarded robe.

It was passion, full excitement, and a sinking into the abyss of whirling syrup.

No other shop offered such greetings and whispering wonders of welcome and belonging.

The structure of projects shifted step by step, spoonful by spoonful.

A light had crept over the horizon of fiction and into reality.

Well done. Nobody else but you. We do mean you!


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I added features.

The key was the basis upon which everything, with the foundation so good, was built.

So good, the empire lasted for centuries.

We still base our strategies upon my invention.

But I am not concerned with that.

Only, checking and testing every day as to what could be better.

Best does not exist for long.

Better is always available.


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