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Afloat in a lettuce leaf of happiness, sending cabbages of sorrow downstream.

Food! Again!

Well, not so. The lettuce was unwashed, not even rinsed. The cabbage was uncooked, not even chopped, shredded or preened.

So it doesn’t matter at all.

Those times when it’s of the utmost importance…yes, you can choose that too!

See you later.

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I think we can experience surprise at being, that we are, who we are.

This is good.

And if one does not enjoy it (being or realizing one is oneself ) then review again those stories that only you could tell.

One day it will be clear how good they are.

I can assure you.

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Accurate footsteps.

The path, straight as it was, meandered through Thailand, across the high north of Africa and over to Bolivia.

Sometimes the direct road lacks stopping places with magnificent views.

So  will we ever again use a map or directional aid?

Chance turns, surprising straight stretches and a soaring emotion.

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Major changes in spring blossoms.

Red where it was purple and white where it was yellow.

The month continued from an unexpected start.

Refreshed by the new, heartened by the old, we let the children play and the elders roam.

Weeks of wheat, days of daisies and plenty of sleek streamlined wings went toward the hills and the blue skies.

Established cooling trends kept us warm. Somehow.



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Revolving doors and omelets.

Many additives or just a little seasoning, provide a special moment in the changing tides of parking lots.

Something wrong?

Just think of it as a list with remarks, an index with melody.

Occasionally it is mightily useful to let unconnected thoughts merge into new ones.

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