"Wisdom and inspiration: thought provoking, humourous, delightful, guru-like, quirky, energizing, enabling, challenging, alerting, awakening….the way individuals, teams and groups start every day as a Great Day" – The Replies Book

The floorboards creaked and popped like a sun-dancer at a beer festival.

The curtains swooshed time past in an imitation of a slow era.

Pipes smoked with relaxed and self-conscious attempts at sophistication created the atmosphere of a gentleman’s opium club.

We are excited with this new script and the endless, we endured it, sequences of atmosphere.

But there is absolutely no story.

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We were aiming wide but succeeded narrow.

These marketing terms make doughnuts seem healthy.

After following a river expecting the answers to everything to appear suddenly and clearly, we decided it was time to change clothes.


Unique styles for the discerning man and woman.

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Short words.












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The secrets of the pheromone fairies and how to buy a cloud from the sky merchant.

It’d be easy to think this title sat atop a new book on management, oh maybe not, on self-fulfillment, or perhaps a career advice tome nobody would wish to be without.

In fact, it should be taken literally. So it seems. A mix of fiction, fantasy and trickster-detection.

I’m skeptical and not a little bit puzzled. But then I slept little last night and just swallowed a walnut.

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Not shy of a few lemons.

Replaced at purchase.

We  are frying phrases and baking words.

It is the season for something good.

Try a cotton blanket and a silk spectacle.

There is a contemplative slant to the ski slopes of yore.

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