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Describing the perfect arc of duo, trio and quattro.

Those who count, can.

But, it turned out, those who can’t count do count.

Of course this almost-statement leads to mystery.

We have discounted that.

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Dreaming down the night, scraping by to daylight.

No accounting for turkey time, give in to haste,

All baste.

That sky, your voice, our trend.

My friend.

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So, you don’t share my views?

Try living next door.

Then you’ll see!

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There were powdery, cinnamon-dusted or plain computers on sale.

One customer asked for the old faithful grass-fed model which worked on batteries for months without need to charge.

On stone, on glass, brass plated – all were special order items.

We forgot all that and had our clothes made by college professors.

Did they fit!

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There’s beauty in simple moments when you realize something seemingly impossible, has been done, by you!

When you manage to drive through thick fog, there are patches which create a sense of “nowhereness”, you could be getting further in the direction you want or about to demolish a billboard sign.

But in the end, you arrive. And it’s cause for celebration.

Every cause for celebration is a cause for celebration!

Your tune, your call.


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