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So go ahead.

We are talking to the relevant people…ourselves!

Now, after many years and so many country drives, we are growing coffee in our window boxes and scribbling on ancient parchment.

Your size? Then we can fit you.

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Dancing was the best way to enter the secret offices of the “big industrialist”.

We needed to see inside his desk and take a photo or two with our sunglasses (camera is concealed in one lens).

This was all for good reason, not nefarious and certainly not bad.

After all, we are wearing an alpaca wool suit and, someone’s got to pay for it.

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Held together by hairspray, the building shone in it’s historic grandeur.

Entering through the main lobby you could see the private offices.

Soon they will give me one with windows that look toward the mountains.

Then, I will share stories of the world and the changes we made to it.

We are back in town.

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Open the map and follow the purple route.

Open the book and highlight your favorite passage.

Write the book, draw the map, eat the banana.

A conversation everyone should have.

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The thicker roads marked in red are easier.

Do we use maps?

Is there a good reason?

It’s instructive to know where we are and what is near and far.

This we become a travel star!

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