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The coffee was good. So good, we never left….we treated the place like the Royal Suite.

Never stayed in a Royal Suite?

Think of it as the Presidentail Suite with good taste!

Ok. Yes, we are not that jaded. Not now, not ever.

Every morning is still, even after all that, a new day’s introduction.

Like making more real, close friends.

You only need three…really close friends, apparently.

With others, it’s a let’s get acquainted deal. You know!

The more the merrier? Only one evening here and there.

The more special, detailed and memorable, the better it is…. the best.

Gotta’ go!



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You said the source was good.

But we have no idea whether you were talking about the information received which could provide victory in the negotiations, or that the spring water was pure and fresh.

Had you consumed too many glasses, or bottles, of wine?

Or had you the vision of a genius angel?

We think we will stay with the scones and fresh clotted cream. Or the cauliflower in a cheese and wine sauce which made “au gratin” seem mundane.

Look it up. Or look up.

One of them must surely be right…?

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If the source is good, the ingredients will be good.

If the information is uplifting, the sense will be, things are alright.

So take bite of a good loaf of bread.

Cut no slices from an ordinary one.

Become your own personal tzar of quality.

And that quality rating, it will be defined by you, no-one else.

You are your own Michelin travel guide, Zagat food register, and your own art critic!

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Pause, take a deep breath. Then, think whether the word is a good one to use.

This could save the world.

Just because some presidents don’t do this does not mean it is anything but the Best Advice we could receive.

Now….hope I didn’t really slip up…!

It’s good to know you read this, thank you.



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A party is really a vacation with limited travel.

The sheer unconcerned visitor will enjoy every single celebration and, be thought of afterwards as the best guest.

Did they invite the one who ate a sandwich with his caviar?

Will the champagne shuffler sit or stand?

Forget all that.

Don’t even think about them.

Being a tourist is the best bet.

You get to be cheerful and everyone else tries their best for you.

Besides it’s “fun”.

And, you might meet “y”.


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