"Wisdom and inspiration: thought provoking, humourous, delightful, guru-like, quirky, energizing, enabling, challenging, alerting, awakening….the way individuals, teams and groups start every day as a Great Day" – The Replies Book

Determine the nature of the recipe.

The game begins with music as fierce as a spear and as simple as a porcelain bowl.

Add the silk brocade, delay their entrance and paint a wide stripe.

Deals are made best when they are the best,

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She said something that caused everyone to stop what they were doing.

Wisdom has to be received more than it is given.

The sums add up but defy current mathematics.

Big Knowledge is the next thing we will teach and we will ask her to be the keynote speaker.

Why not? Of course!

Then let us proceed with vigorous viability.

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Starting first and easing into the system of fluid calculation.

Strike a pose.

Flint. And a streak of good luck.

A campfire.

Holy moldings and serious weave.

Trace the origins.

Create your base point and launch the next generation of…you name it.

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Draw me a bowl of fruit.

Well, that looks real.

Fresh strawberries, well-sized kiwi and delicately shaded mangos.

Wish you were here.

We went on a long walk yesterday.

They sold tiny pieces of rock at the junction.

Not much rain this year.

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Suddenly things happen fast.

Later things slow down.

Speed of the breeze.

Swift as the dripping fountain.

Flow and firmament fickle as a toy.

The turbo is charged and all rippling pensiveness is still with vigorous life.

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