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Very volatile, so we ate yoghurt.

The peppery air assaulted us at the top of the hill.

The village seemed dusted as an actor powdered to become invisible under stage lights.

Front pages fluttered in the air like helium balloons at a birthday party.

The spirit of pure mathematics was on the loose.

Brightness defined.

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Next time we will set strategy, sails and hairstyle.

We will let the concrete set, same with the jelly and the icing.

Princes employed by princesses and contracting with baronesses in cahoots with dukes and jokers, will advise on things they know nothing about.

It’s an aristocratic improvised comedy.

And that is only Part One.

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On the system of the nomad, the guru and the ticket collector.

Riding trains to high mountaintops, learning to wander and always getting travel authorization.

So obedient!

There are so many other ways to rebel. Like wearing a belt inside-out, brushing our teeth an extra time in the day, holding the door open for three people in a row.

And the heaven’s opened. A little rain.

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We hired a professional, qualified magician to run the town.

What a great idea.

The result was good.

The roads were re-opened.

The rivers flowed again.

The lights actually came on at night.

Schools filled with bright students once more.

And, perhaps most important, the town clock started telling the time again.

Once is enough for a good idea.

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Sharing the lemon flavored walls and chairs.

We asked them to dinner, to lunch, for tea, to join us on a mountain drive and to explore the ocean in our submarine.

They were impressed. Not our intention, but I suppose it was a good thing.

Then, we broadcast the news. All good, all inspiring and educational.

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