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Whether asleep, half-awake or daydreaming we do not know.

Perhaps the electrodes will send a signal to our quantum computer analysis program. Then, we can set the baseline for further intellectual and emotional progress on a data feedback basis.

Well…it’s a thought.

Or, a fleeting part of a dream, or a whimsical and troubled half-here, half-there interlude.

There is always tomorrow, we expect.

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I’d rather be sitting outside at a cafe in Pisa.

But then who wants to be where they normally would be on a Tuesday!

Of course sitting in our living room with it’s paintings and ample choice of welcoming seats to occupy, that’s pretty good.

Writing at this desk, or partially reclining and reading yet another wonderful book. Good.

The world of cafe visits has a lot to compete with, but always wins the final tally

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The slider control needs raising to its maximum.

We are mixing music recordings, raising the temperature in the greenhouse or adjusting the water flow to our artificial lake.

Meanwhile, there are no crocodiles and just an occasional human visitor.

The kitchen, a gorgeous well-designed-for-purpose room, has a view across the lake to mountains clad with a variety of trees. There are green leaves all year. Sometimes autumnal colors add to the spectrum.

We are also just three miles from the ocean.

Fair enough.

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She updated every morning.

Was it the app, or was she renewed, recreated and replenished?

Ask her.

Now is the time to communicate, gently clearly, seriously and humorously said the owl to the cat.

Twice there was thunder, once lightning and no sign of dust in the sky.

We are smaller than giants and bigger than ants.

Worth measuring.

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Steam and sand.

We were thirsty.

Feeling rough.

A fresh peach solved all and smoothed and quenched any uneasiness.

People danced on the side of the mountains as a mountain lion looked on.

A bottle was half full.

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