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There was something.

It was thick. No, it was thin.

It was blue. We doubt it, we saw the same thing and it was green

It was square. We are sure that’s wrong, it was triangular.

But, it was there.

Just be general, and nothing will happen!

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“More or Less” can be a pleasant question or a neutral compliment.

How much coffee to add to the cake mix, versus… you did it right.

More or less. Ends up, that sometimes less is more!

Tone, emphasis, and gaze.

Directing meaning with your toes has limited effect.

Although touching toes might, in some circumstances, just do the trick!

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So pleased to meet you Mrs. Miniver Spontanao-Jones-Wilkinson-Ferlinghetti.

Easy it is, to remember unusual names.

Mine is special to me, and yours special to you – so the crocodile told the eagle.

The chance to reply would have been appreciated.

Hello new friend. Welcome!

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He, the general, she the admiral, both admired.

They, the crowd, easily wooed.

Divine mathematics and celestial logic predicted twins.

Where are the scientists when the kettle boils?

At ease, sergeant!

Relax you, regal renegade!

Triumph! Trumpets! Roaring lions!

A one-liner.

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Turn left, then after 5 minutes and some contemplation, second right….to paradise.

People find it difficult to give good directions on familiar routes close to their home.

They never need to think of the landmarks and distances between familiar places. Autopilot.

Many are missing the opportunity to learn a new route!

Oh, let the self-help roll! And rock!


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