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Stripes and squares. Three stools and a pigeon. Palace peace.

The particular pettiness of magnificent architecture and the simplicity of mathematics.

So many themes and topics to consider.

Play with the passing clouds, work on the granite long legged thoroughbreds.

Enjoy the next bite.

Started out, and that’s what matters, said the potter to the high priest.


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Hot outside. Cables ready. Dry ice.

In the music room, next to the foam-lined walls of the studio, sits a piano.

A piano has to sit. You can stand.

Years ago the national anthem was played in UK movie theaters. People stood. No more.

A change can be an advance or just “show”.

But, a point of view, physically and metaphorically, can be a tool of enormous power.

Today and the next, is it really hot, are we plugged in and can we keep it cool?

Drips and drops.


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Sitting in the middle of the fountain seemed uncomfortable.

It looked it.

However the representative of the confederation of real manufacturers seemed to always pull a stunt to get attention.

The storytellers gathered around and each would tell a tale starting with “that day there was someone sitting in the fountain…”.

How many times have you said the words “once upon a time”?

And how many times were you the subject of the story?


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Once upon a time, people sent Telegrams. Messages which arrived in printed strips pasted to a piece of paper – something like the ransom note seen in films.

Now, we emphasize vegetables, beans, and fruit.

Will ice cream go the way of cassette tapes?

Will steaks become like the cigarettes of yore, with people surreptitiously cutting into grilled sirloin beneath the fire escapes of speakeasy restaurants?

We better move on…or rather we heard someone say “You better move on”.

What’s Happenin’ under the boardwalk on the dock of the bay…today?

Who did you smile at when the chips seemed half cooked?

I appreciate your warmth and persistence.



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If the five rings were correct, then we should follow our noses.

The way of windward wandering was wonderful.

Grand designs of fireplace renewal and real scented air conditioning enhanced the weekend.

We want to send children to school. But not any school, one where they learn something that makes them bright.

We want to improve the clarity of communication between all humans…and the depth and the honesty.

This is not a demonstration of these ideas and ideals.

The proof is in the results to come – depending upon today’s actions.

Every day!


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