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Not much to say.

But saying so much.

Just that expression, facial muscles pulled tight and then, on recognition, becoming a well-rounded smile.

One word meant more than many.

The ladies told the gentlemen to dance.

A sworn saint, a beginner and a chef walk into a bar.

They buy each other drinks and nobody can tell them apart.

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Overstuffed ideas delivered in thirty minutes or less.

Service with tender morsals and laughter.

What a sunset.

Fine friends, my friends.

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We think it is time to rethink our thinking.

But how to measure the current thoughts and methods?

Oh, easy. So easy. We have a tape measure.

This is a magic tape measure, hexa-dimensional and capable of detecting the strength and breadth of anything.

We think these tape measures will self-replicate given time.

But, as they measure and seem to highly influence time itself as well, it could be nano-seconds or centuries.

We are happy to live with the potential of a surprise, one it bears little sense to anticipate.

Magic moments and magic measures. Treasures.

With our pleasure.


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The key ingredient in the apple pie was banana.

Odd? One might think so. In fact, most would.

But when the sentence for using the illegal fruit was life on the “island of no conversation”, apples had to be replaced.

It was also not allowed to tell or warn anyone when they ordered apple pie, that there was not even a trace of one apple in the serving they would soon see on the plate in front of them.

Most rulers of countries hope to have an impact. A few seem obsessed with controlling the desserts of their nation. Only a few have anything more useful to offer.

We should just tell ourselves stories instead.

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The wine is mine.

Have a drink.

Iced tea, fine.

Have a bite.

A carrot dipped in this special sauce, very good.

Have a drive, the car is waiting.

The road is full.

Try three o’clock in the morning, when it’s not so “full”.

Easy in, easy out….just sign on the line at the bottom.

The gold-salmon skies long to hear your decision.


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