"Wisdom and inspiration: thought provoking, humourous, delightful, guru-like, quirky, energizing, enabling, challenging, alerting, awakening….the way individuals, teams and groups start every day as a Great Day" – The Replies Book

Strips of feta cheese with olives and red peppers drizzled with olive oil.

We need food. We don’t always need to talk about it.

But we are a very good cook.

Healthy and delicious and quick – that’s our motto.

The idea is to emphasize inspiration and de-emphasize effort.

Oh yes, in the staid traditional way they mean it, we always “make an effort”. Every time. With ease.

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Start the engine, turn on the lights and wave the flag.

It was a red flag but the lights were dim to avoid too much attention.

It was not an official race.

The noise was deafening, no secret meet could have broadcast its presence more than this.

What were we thinking.?

Well, that was before thinking began.

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The sofa and the mixing bowl.

Dread is dead, love is set and seeded.

We are bountiful in our thoughts, considered in our (many) words.

You saw it yesterday. Thanks for alerting us.

The darkest chocolate was best. It had less sugar and more tangible benefits.

Bureaucracy is a thing of the past, but then, it always has been.

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Sauntering, pacing and striding along the road, she smiled as if to say “this road is mine and I want everyone to know it”.

A hermit, who had escaped, walked past in the opposite direction. He did not know how to smile back, so he just grinned.

Good enough.

The sun shone.

The Sunflowers took a bow.

The stage curtains were golden-lit across the sky.

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We fly you out.

That was the policy.

Being so desired, as an employee, felt good we imagine.

I was “flown out” one time, but not as an employee. Or that’s what I thought.

Two years later I was a valued employee and knew everything about the company and it’s products.

It was an opportunity that included abilities in improvised business travel, copywriting, design and communicating engineering and medical principles in an easy-to-understand way.

Compared to what I learned in less than two years, my time at school was amusing but surprisingly unproductive in any measurable way. Go, figure – literally!

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