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Two streets and a neon sign spell outing and innings.

What has cricket to do with basketball?

We really don’t know but will come up with an idea soon.

Jump and shoot, fill and scribe.

Get the picture or make one.

All of these make us happy!

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Every thread and brushstroke sends us into reverie.


We don’t know…yet.

This is an exploration, a forensic examination measuring mood, mode, and method.

We are trying to find the chart, the picture, the plan the mind map that makes up the heart and lungs of a country we have never before visited.

Now we’ve explored the place by rusting buses, high revving tiny-engined cars, on foot through rusty-railing protected neighborhoods, parting lush tropical growth to get to fountains, follies or playgrounds for butterflies, we are still mystified and filled to the brim with interesting questions!

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Neutral, coasting and feeling all the bumps.

A potholed road seems smooth at a very slow crawl or a fast skitting race across time.

We will get the message from this, bottle it, and serve it to retired beer drinkers. Of course, anyone will be able to request it if they have the plutonium level membership.

Join now. Save. Benefit. Be recognized….but not too much!

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Walking up the steps, we sat in the front of the plane. Two stewards served each passenger and there was plenty of legroom.

Illegal thinking, for it had been outlawed, flowed like precocious champagne – is there any other – at a gulf party.

We landed in a thoughtful maze, and found our way out.

Not always a bad thing that some things don’t last forever.

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Strained yoghurt and the economics of expression.

Until we talk, we are quiet isolationists.

We can help you communicate, and then you can laugh.

Not everything has the word Total or the words Bottom Line.

Learn that for your own wellbeing boys and girls and others.

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