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It was cool and smooth flowing.

They never expected it.

Typically congested, slow-flowing, hiccups, sneezes and wheezes – all these grizzly factors were gone.

They surfed their way on the blue-green glide, floated with the waxen tide.

Listening beasts and proud trumpeters, united, fighting laughter and feeling freedom’s breeze.

What flavor was this behavior?

Discover it by inventing The Introduction.

Stop recording!

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There really are times when tomorrow is better.

Sleep on it.

Ideas will come.

The coast will clear.

Clouds will part.

There will be a way through the forest.

A parking space will appear.

Only, make sure you don’t “wait”.

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You’re right.

Sometimes. Perhaps most of the time.

But unless you rarely say anything, you have the great privilege of having been wrong.

Which donkey took the wine and which took the Ferrari?

We have investigators out in the field (why they are there, we have no idea) and we looked at Google.

Google looked back and said “you are not following our rules”.

We turned, smiled, and with a wave of a hand said “search you!”.

It’s just so easy.

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Agreeing to wear silk pajamas on stage and in the hippest restaurants.

That will make sure it is thought a new guru is in town.

Who else would dare?

If this is the way we draw conclusions, predicting (anything) will be easy.

It actually is…easy.

Timing is another matter.

Knowing when things will happen, ah! That’s tough.

Just keep the good questions coming when the guru comes to town!

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Laughter in the broad daylight.

It was a broad stage and broad canvas.

No edges, no limits, no measures.

The eggs were fluffy and the brush strokes clear and powerful.

A vivid word and a loud stroke, all scented with high value essences.

The dimensions are too many to count.

And the count gave his blessing.

What do we care? Well you know, it’s still amusing to have royal assent.

And our ascent was so fast!


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