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Accurate footsteps.

The path, straight as it was, meandered through Thailand, across the high north of Africa and over to Bolivia.

Sometimes the direct road lacks stopping places with magnificent views.

So  will we ever again use a map or directional aid?

Chance turns, surprising straight stretches and a soaring emotion.

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Major changes in spring blossoms.

Red where it was purple and white where it was yellow.

The month continued from an unexpected start.

Refreshed by the new, heartened by the old, we let the children play and the elders roam.

Weeks of wheat, days of daisies and plenty of sleek streamlined wings went toward the hills and the blue skies.

Established cooling trends kept us warm. Somehow.



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Revolving doors and omelets.

Many additives or just a little seasoning, provide a special moment in the changing tides of parking lots.

Something wrong?

Just think of it as a list with remarks, an index with melody.

Occasionally it is mightily useful to let unconnected thoughts merge into new ones.

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The butcher only sold vegetables. Always cut to your preference.

Why didn’t he change the sign?

Frank’s Butcher’s was established in 1873.

Frank was a vegetarian, not a popular sport in that century.

Nowadays, the vegetarian butcher is world famous, people travel from all over the world and sign up for the tour.  Most of them leap at the chance to buy a gift-wrapped escalop made of seasonal vegetables.

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Deep and delicate wavelengths.

A new idea in radiophonic weaving.

Strategies for relaxation during upheavals and endurance races.

Dream now, oh calm one.

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