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A far more resonant dry cleaning service.

You throw your clothes out of the window of a speeding car in a deserted area, return a day later to find clean clothes hanging from the low branches of a small apple tree, on hangers and covered in a biodegrade-able transparent sleeve.

We think this is the start of many such revolutionary services changing not only the method used but the experience derived.


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It’s just an election and we are tied in the corner like naughty shoolboys and girls.

After it’s all over we’ll forget about it.

At least, that’s what we hope will happen. It may be our best hope.

Politicans get the last seat, after everyone else. That’s the new rule. Sad for the good ones, but they’ll muddle through.

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“Happy to meet you and hope you know my name”.

There could be good reason to expect so.

But at the Restaurante Del Sole and Chips it makes no difference because we speak so many languages.

Spelling is the challenge because it is the whole message.

Still learning.

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Thrive another day.

What a phenomenal idea for a title!

It could be a health club or a 00 something movie.

Someone crossed out “another” and wrote “every”. Good intention well-lived we hope.

The letter we received supports everything we have planned.

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Slowly streaking past a large window with a bikini and a bright orange scarf.

All a mistake of course, nodody knew what they were doing.

We can’t forgive anyone, but there’s no need, the resulting interest helped everyone so much that they never looked at life the same way again!

Whatever that means!

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