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Send it via the pony service, you know, the one with the blue uniforms and the attractive riders…

We are looking for this carrier now. So romantic! But so is the white van, with its mysterious lack of identity, and its sliding door sound as packages are heaved out ready to be stacked in a lobby or gently placed on a doorstep.

Will we run in the Olympics – we’ll get hired onto the Olympic Committee Board and then we’ll decide!

Can we create new technologies that’ll solve heart and body-aching problems….sure! Let me at it! We start in the morning.

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I remember, we were going so fast, slowly.

You couldn’t see us, just a streak in a hammock or as some said ingenuously “the fastest snail we ever did see!”

No we have a bed that goes on for miles, a car that parks itself and a parrot who plays video games.

Time for a new method.

The trials of old bandits are over and we want to prepare a warm welcome for the wise ones. We want to learn from them, how to spread wisdom.

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Plenty of plastic gold bars to go around; more imitations than fine originals.

But that’s the whole idea. We are in the garden of imitations, the forest of fake and frippery.

We love it. We went to school, so we were trained to love it. The easy, what is already said, rule to follow.

Originality is not a trait required for sainthood, but saints are not being recruited by esteemed personnel departments.

Still, what do they know?

Are we talking of the saints or the personnel quacks? Who knows.

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So they said. Then, they changed it. What a fun thing. Perhaps a fine thing.

Fit your own episode to this template if you will, but after a moment when they changed the hours we’d grown used to – a meeting every Tuesday evening – and they wanted it to be a Thursday, my colleagues started throwing things in the air.

Now that we call the tune, and other people names, it all seems worth while.

There is still space to soar to higher heights and better things!

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Twist to open, cross your fingers to close.

Right away, we have winners, everyone won the battle for joke-telling.

The international Committee for Laughter requires everyone telling a joke to have a license, references and a top hat.

We are addicted to qualifications.

There is a five step program to get off that…we hope.

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