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A little bag of, well, we know not what.

Further along the street hand-painted tins containing a collection of gems, called Lucky Tins, were on sale. Apparently one in every three hundred million tins contains a 24 carat diamond.

Feeling lucky, we bought a tin that had a painting of a roulette wheel on its top.

Did we find the diamond?

One day we will tell all.

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And if not, why do we think it isn’t?

There is a course you can take, but we recommend something else first. Thinking.

Train that ability, ’cause it most certainly wasn’t taught in school and colleges usually fight shy of it.

Thinking is the enemy of all that’s truly bad, the champion of all that’s truly good.

Got wisdom.

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We don’t intend to have a problem, we do intend to please you!

So what is your favorite color and the second choice, and how you like it cooked?

Are you happier with braces or a metallic studded belt?

Your style, our verve, everybody’s nerve.

Just swell Mell.

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Too early for breakfast, too late for chapter two in the dream trilogy.

We were dreaming of a hover surfboard we had invented and were hover-surfing up the side of the Rocky Mountains having just returned from Mont Blanc.

We were also treasuring the Olympic gold medal after managing the world record for continual hovering.

Now, it’s time to write music, inscribe a novel into a new type of impenetrable plastic, and to throw bright red pots.

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‘Twixt the story told by a slightly rotten apple and the bright sunny truth is the fall.

The cliff is always there. We should stand back from the edge. But always know there is an edge!

Skating is best done on smooth ground at sea level.

Ice cream is best kept in the freezer.

Let it defrost, just a bit, before eating!

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