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Sailing in a jar of strawberry conserve from the coast of Senegal to the Azores was ambitious.

Cycling up the side of the Grand Canyon in winter was a challenge.

Steering a golf ball around the hairpin bends of the Moyenne Corniche was energizing.

Changing the style, aim and quality of education for 7-18 year-olds worldwide should be easy!

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There are three ways the department can treat urgent situations.

Offer an English cup of tea.

Serve an Italian espresso.

Do something new, different, unexpected.

There is nothing else.

That’s it.

And now…the ideas are rushing in, because you are dying to put forward all manner of alternatives.

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On the way over there, then and there and furthermore…

Unreasonable demands welcome.

Problems are dissolved like tree branches in a tree shredder.

The mists give way to a piercing shrill clarity.

Do not be gentle with your generosity, said the herdsman to the dentist.

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In the middle of a crowded hall, he saw her and she saw her.

In the next building, he saw him and she saw him.

There were theories and gifts.

There were jokes and diamonds sharp rays of philosophy.

Each had their own smell on a spectrum from cinnamon to turmeric.

Fragrant gems.

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One of the final things.

But then there is one more…oh, and another.

Somehow final sounds important.

And yet we are in the middle of the most important things in the world, the moments and scraps that are life.

The resonatingly-tidal-wave-defying famous names and the highest achievers of life-turmoiling innovation, are just friends of the (note the capital “M” here) Moments of every life.

Yours and mine and all of theirs!

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