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Sauntering along a curved passageway wondering what to say when we arrived.

The speech was a magnificent success.

Twenty people waited to speak to us after the talk.

Twelve had invitations to speak at their own events.

Two offered the use of their Lear Jet.

Two opened their homes for a stay anytime.

One offered to buy the book we had not yet written.

You get the picture!

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I remember waking up each morning when I was 10 years old. I’m older than that now!

I remember how I felt, what mattered, who mattered, what made me happy or sad.

What happened then, each moment of each day was all that mattered. Tomorrow was not only far away, it was an unknown concept.

If I were upset adults would preach palpable nonsense, or that’s how it seemed to me, and tell me that everything would be alright tomorrow.

It’s good to remember the actual feeling of being a child, that way your words are likely to be more meaningful to a young learner-in-the-world.

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A fence could be a subtle wall or the person who gives cash for a stolen Pucharostaro painting.

One of these sold for thirty-three billion dollars last year, the one with the haystack floating in the South China Sea, with the famous inset painting of a palm tree floating upright in the Atlantic Ocean thirty nautical miles west of the Azores.

When you get to see a Pucharostaro, do let me know!

I am trying to find a greeting card featuring the famous “setting the table for dinner” painted in the “early years” in Paris.

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We ultimately tend, the world of people, to move towards better things and greater sanity.

On the way there are hiccups, eruptions, cesspits and problems. Like dirty toilets at a gas station when on a road trip!

Looking for the chinks of light, the sparkling charms of higher level behavior and true progress is a good use of energy.

At the same time, we do need to say no to dire and insane suggestions and poor quality, derision, stupid decisions, and dismal developments.

But isn’t it so very good every time another grain of positivity passes through your hands? Like a handful of warm sand on a sunny beach.

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Just be intelligent. Try to be, make the choice….think, look, listen and think again.

After all this you can enjoy the results, the sheer pleasure of learning and gaining wiser ways.

And, laugh. Yes it is good for you, but it’s easier to be funny, to see funny and to have fun when you start by moving toward higher ground.

Better, is always best!

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