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“It’s all good!”, they said.

What was all good, we could not tell. But we were glad it was.

Easy to please, early to rise, slender evenings merging with the dark night and deep skies.

We sense puzzlement.

We are pleased about that.

The new book will therefore be “Puzzlement and the way to a perfectly puzzling life”.

Pure whimsy and frippery.

We are trying so hard to “specialize”!

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Shall we see beyond the swings, the sand dunes and the stuck-in-cement telescopes?

Could we skate sideways past the shop window where Mrs. Jones will most surely see us and smile at memories of the school classroom?

Did the discussion at dinner bring new understanding, joy and delight?

Is this a good time to be asking these questions?

We can’t wait any longer!

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Drastic melodies for a pause before they refresh.

Cymbals and french horns addressed each other as if they were long-lost friends.

Out of the space on the left, sprinklings of menacing merriment mixed with masterful meandering and mirth.

A new coat of paint is so old school that perhaps it should be spelled painte.

The Old Painte Shoppe is where you get goode grubbe and delicious dainties.

Now we’re back to the present, let’s launch the small rocket for the weekend.

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There was a pen, and headphones, and a keyboard on a small table in the middle of the wheat fields.

There is every reason to bring farming in from the cold. Especially in winter!

We write to you, you reply sometimes, after a while. We are excited to receive the news.

Remember there is no such thing as “nothing much happened”. If it’s about you, we want to know.

And yes, you are very welcome to use pen and paper, in fact that’s a thrill.

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We’re happy with that number.

The number you just thought of.

Thank you and welcome.

High land views and wispy breezes send the right message – the right one is always good, that’s how you can tell.

Away with dictators, despots, and ne’er-do-wells; hello to the wise and strong and sensitive, intelligent ones. Makes us smile, does it not?

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