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Creating senses and solutions in a cheesecloth cape.

Fashion, reborn yesterday, will reveal itself as the question, the answer and the future to and for everything.

No brown…the color was abandoned as a raw deal.

Light or bright.

Combination and elation.

It’s going to be boundless fun.

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It’s time to close the window.

The noise from below is preventing progress…we thought we were “ignoring” it.

Just like a dripping tap, in retrospect every drop was a drip too far!

So to new heights, new light, yellow, red and blue.

There is nowhere childish enthusiasm is not a good fit.

Conventional restrictions are banished from the land.

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Better to have the conversation of a nine-year-old child than the usual dinner-table chatter about politics and politicians.

When a popular streamed show ends the final grand episode with an almost-wise way of keeping the peace we should blush in embarrassed disappointment that we do not know how to elect the wise, only the abysmally dull or the brashly absurd.

Democracy needs a bias, towards wisdom rather than away from it.

Let us put on our thinking caps?

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Her name was Namesy and she lived in Homesy on a patch of land called Landsy.

Most people thought she was a figment of a brace of websites viewed by an algorithm linked to a quantum computing self-help guru-come-journalist.

But such assumptions are too obvious and risky because the neat “fit” leads to quick presumption and a luck of exploration and imagined outcomes.

When making soup one unusual ingredient can make it memorable.

So it is with description, tales and rants.

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Just don’t book ahead.

There are still chinks, gaps, even whole windows letting in the bright sunlight of individual discovery.

We chanced upon a miniature paradise.

That was the experience we felt.

And because for now we remain fully conscious we know it was true, and we remember it and don’t need a reminder to pop up to immerse ourselves in the warm bath of mind-replay.

Free seating.

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