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Sentimental slurps and the bebop hummers.

A murmur, a faint slipping sound all around.

Only the imported drummer can keep the beat.

Surely certain and certainly sure was the prince.

But the princess has the keys to all the doors.

You’re on next.

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Listening to a foreign language spoken, one you don’t understand, can best be compared to music.

Some are serious and profound-sounding, some whisper-lyrically musical and some flat as a polished silver platter.

A thought: whatever the tone and image the strange-to-you words may conjure up, people often say exactly the same things in any mother tongue, dialect or language.

Music has the same canvas for a statement, pondering, proposing, expressing sentiment and more.


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A fairy tale for the young but not old, for the gone and those to come.

Who does that leave out we wonder, and am I sitting pretty in the middle…

We are family and it’s a celebration so you can dance to the music grand master.

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Everything is ready.

Yet isn’t there always something else, one more thing, an additional final trim?

We have a new system called Complete Completion.

Self-explanatory. And it’s also even better than that.

We have everything ready before you knew you wanted it.

So as a result, we can always say “Everything Is Ready”, always.

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Seven little pots, a cup, a saucer and a coffee pot.

Over the horizon there was something which looked like a rainbow but was in fact someone’s belt. They were not wearing any socks that day.

Informal wear is the norm.

Thankfully everything was naturally colorful.

Compensation for the lack of a rainbow methinks.

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