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We were sailing along the road, like a boat ashore. And we were sure that things would be better than ever.

Don’t you worry.


Here and there.

In a hurry.

The snow doesn’t want to create a flurry.

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Only when you are “in the right space”.

If you can, wait.

If you can’t, “get into it”.

But you can (wait) more often than you thought.

So sayeth the wise advisor on a cloudy afternoon.

Hey! !t applies all the time, every time. Always!

No more giving unsolicited advice said the panther to the panda.

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One leaf and two sweet cherries can be exchanged for one fake watch.

Leave the sales pitch to others, unless you make what you sell – or you know it well.

That was the wisdom we gathered at a three month intensive “get-to-know-you” workshop.

Learning how to learn is clearly a valuable thing!

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I suggest we sell the vapors to the planet of refuse and recycling.

We want clear cool water, crisp lettuce and red cabbage with a zucchini vinegar-laced side dish.

Talk of lacing takes us to shoes. Just as selective. No side dish but either bright color casuals or well-shined leather brogues, rogues, and pumps.

Well…it is Friday!

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In the back room of your mind, the echo chamber of what you hear, the memory of what you see.

Every day one thing must be on all our lists of action – take a minute to think. Thinking for oneself is like eating fresh food, whereas absorbing the spouting of trumpeting tenors is just folly, junk-food for the mind.

Wise and strong, that can only be so… if you make the effort.

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