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Rising like a phoenix, though we’d never been burned, we saw the edge of molten metal colored horizons.

Magic teenage solutions still alive and possible.

A dream can be the reality of succeeding months and years.

The flow of water over well trod rocks precedes announcements of glee, free and of full pedigree.

Aswim in the seesaw of vibrant life.

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Describing the perfect arc of duo, trio and quattro.

Those who count, can.

But, it turned out, those who can’t count do count.

Of course this almost-statement leads to mystery.

We have discounted that.

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Dreaming down the night, scraping by to daylight.

No accounting for turkey time, give in to haste,

All baste.

That sky, your voice, our trend.

My friend.

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So, you don’t share my views?

Try living next door.

Then you’ll see!

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There were powdery, cinnamon-dusted or plain computers on sale.

One customer asked for the old faithful grass-fed model which worked on batteries for months without need to charge.

On stone, on glass, brass plated – all were special order items.

We forgot all that and had our clothes made by college professors.

Did they fit!

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