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Delicate flowers and the boxing match.

It was so long ago.

Were things different or does memory blur and time make a story fade?

The horror movie was playing on the tiny television.

Skaters were running the streets, ringing bells.

Everything in a gradual dimming, becoming brighter.

Then, golden lawns and purple mountains.

Days. Today. Hey…now!



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Solely placing pears on the tree.

The fruit arrangers come back for a star performance.

Receptionists delight in this event as they get to add creative flourishes.

The artists run figures across multiple screens.

The flowers are arranged by a brass band.

We have got off at the wrong stop….fortunately.

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We were so pleased to receive your confirmtion.

Bet they were pleased to receive the payment as well?

Not so fast.

They really enjoy providing such great service.

You do too. Or you will when you provide the Delight Quotient in the things you do

The money? It’s falsely created by one or other central bank.

Eventually it may not be “worth the paper it’s written on”.

Being pleased, pleasing, or one such similar, is not prone to fluctuation in value.





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It was long ago.

We remember.

Lost in spacious digs.

Endless pages that treat the senses by the accurate and alive descriptions.

Three dimensional. Some place, texture, even more…sense of era and atmosphere.

Now this is the ribbon, the baton you carry.


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We are absolutely certain you are certain.

Confident in each other.

The ice covering the lake we are skating upon is completely frozen.

The egg is cooked.

The hotel had been built.

You are an explorer.

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