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We are absolutely certain you are certain.

Confident in each other.

The ice covering the lake we are skating upon is completely frozen.

The egg is cooked.

The hotel had been built.

You are an explorer.

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No time like…

Say you mean it.

Add description.




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The road, you will be delighted to know, is closed.

Now you can stay longer

You can sample the streets you never walked down.

And of course, new memories will be written and left for your longer delectation.

Road trip.

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Fun stuff.

Serious vows and contemplation.

Deranged sanity and the perfection of rough attempts.

Alice and Frederick shared a common trait – Compassion and conversational strength.

The arc of reality meets the arc of possibility – says the clown and the wise person.

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We flew, falling from a diamond rock into azure waters. Warm, welcoming and rejuvenating .

Your boat is at the dock, the bay is calm, the boardwalk filled with kind soles and souls.

Fizzing, cool and refreshing.

That was the compliment.

They know how to turn a phrase.

They turn.

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