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Empirical evidence?

There was none.

Only available at farmers markets, by the pound.

Elsewhere they used kilos. Everything was heavier!

Not laughing? Look it up.

Listen and learn. Even the silence teaches endless lessons.


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Quantum drama and the young quarks.

The gravity was not delivered yesterday.

We all have bumps on our foreheads, from colliding with ceiling light fixtures.

They said they just saw the Gravitas Supplies van outside, so we might be back on terra firma by evening.

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She said “do not talk”.

I was not surprised and a little miffed as I knew that. This was after all, a Silent Retreat.

Five minutes later we were leaning over the fence that defined the edge of the estate, talking to the farmer, the nearest neighbor.

We felt very naughty, confessed our offenses and promised to do better the whole of the next day.

It was a promise we kept.

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Tops, triangles, domes, hypotenuse pasta and linguini quotes.

Time for engineers to solve, artists to borrow and admin types to make the world work like a Swiss watch movement.

Or….the opposite.

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Yesterday everyone was so energetic. And I felt like I could move the world and build homes for everyone, without blinking!

Today cutting a piece of cheese and taking a cracker from the pack seems like a task of grand proportions.

But I  borrowed from yesterdays fizz, energy and pizzazz.

Now, it’s easy. And, suddenly, I’m ready to juggle planets, create universes and paint galaxies.

If only I could bottle and sell this, then again that’d be hard to believe.

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