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He, the general, she the admiral, both admired.

They, the crowd, easily wooed.

Divine mathematics and celestial logic predicted twins.

Where are the scientists when the kettle boils?

At ease, sergeant!

Relax you, regal renegade!

Triumph! Trumpets! Roaring lions!

A one-liner.

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Turn left, then after 5 minutes and some contemplation, second right….to paradise.

People find it difficult to give good directions on familiar routes close to their home.

They never need to think of the landmarks and distances between familiar places. Autopilot.

Many are missing the opportunity to learn a new route!

Oh, let the self-help roll! And rock!


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Modify, prepare, conclude.

Across the bridge on the lower level.

Water sparkles.

Appropriately served.

Gleam of desire.

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Bright and clever.

Twisting the wires together and standing back.

The old method of testing and research.

Now we imagine, and the sensors test the idea.

Care for the meek available every day.

A karma truck. Instant.

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Drying towels on the branches of an oak tree.

Sliding doors, neon signs and lush green growth.

Camping in the forest with its own subway station, it is challenging.

It is rewarding.

Crafting ceremonies to create calm.

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