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The noise of the fan drowned out the speech.

We were expecting to learn about microgravity and the world of tall ladders.

Now we have few clues as what this means.

Yet, we feel inspired. The fact that there is so much we can learn inspires us to order the green juice and the spinach chips in order to extend our years of knowledge-digestion.

To our good health!

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Soaring like the seventh sun rising, we sang songs, told really silly jokes and waved at passers by.

Take the green route and add platinum confetti.

They’ll join you later.

Sweet potatoes.

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Solar powered rabbits ate a diet of soy beef and grinned like Cheshire cats.

The new political system had described senior posts in government in animal form.

This of course, must not lead you to think a lowering of the status of government “people” had occurred.

No! Perish the thought!

Laughter in the moonlight was everything.

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They walked hand in hand, gazing sideways, feeling precious, direction unknown.

Fragrances of flowers, essences of plants and bright corners of an immature sunset provided cover for thoughts.

We heard loud guitar, humorous trumpet and watched as the horsemen passed the buck.

All grand openings can stand out; this one caused ripples across the millennia.

Secrets signaled.


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Wrote a song today.

Will you?

We can present them together at the Olde Cat and Fiddle.

We’ll win awards.

Nothing untoward.

Mine talks of the ages, the sages and better wages.

Make yours about love, dazzled  softeness and rocket-powered desire, describing the heat and the new attire.

Then we’ll win all those hearts… and include focused minds.

That, is how it all unwinds.


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