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There is Everywhere and Nowhere, both suites with a wonderful view and indoor beach.

You see there has been innovation in the hotel realm. Imagine more, demand more, create more, get more.

You are self-contained, even when it’s not someone who didn’t deliver the goods saying so.

You have been declared self-contained by the international board of accomplishment. We just created it so we could be chairperson and man and woman all at the same time.

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I slept deeply like a dive from a clifftop into warm blue waters.

Fish gleamed and the sun appeared ready to call it quits.

Sometimes seems we’re in the middle of a western movie.

Life made up of many genres, fortunately inspiring surfacing of heroes and comedies predominate.

Keep talking in sound bites and the appetizers will last longer!

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We’re listening to everything you say.

Did you hear what we said?

Yes, it was a laughable comment. The red roses are blushing.

We get serious on every third full moon. And …you?

We extend our topological, iron-rich, semi-static and orange-sugar-cane flavored greetings.

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Distinctive destinations visited during vitriolic visions.

Let’s not be bitter.

But is this a conversation or a vector forecast?

It is no matter, or is it….or perhaps it matters little.

Little or “a little” makes so much difference.

Save the equations for later.

Delicious diversions.

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A surprisingly effective potion

They promised, they delivered, and now I am twenty years younger.

Of course there is a limit. You must Believe for this to work.

You need to believe what it says on the label, what they say on late night TV and, the fantastic claims on social media.

Or…you can read a good book and draw.

Or meet a friend for a cup of polystyrene tea.

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