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Striding along the main street in purple clothing, they knew I could command a galaxy.

Eating raw chocolate with baked carrot sealed the deal.

Who could argue with a single word I said?

One person did and they now work as a chairman of a large bank.

Yes, they got sucked in to being the awful purveyor of cheating and lack of service.

But they own an orange yacht bigger than I could have imagined and they’re accustomed to things as they are.

Meanwhile we are laughing, and thankfully, not all the way to the bank!

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Being in two minds always felt uncomfortable, like one of those awful narrow bicycle seats.

Yet, being able to thing of the positive and negative, the right and left, the opaque and transparent – shall we go on – can be powerful, often useful.

When the answer is somewhere in the hazy distance you need the ability to hold two opposite ideas at the same time.

Once you get used to it, you can show others how.

Careful, they may call you the teacher.

Such suspense.

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Take two and call me in the morning – but why would I call you, we have hardly met!

There is an audacity to well rounded words uttered in contemptuous humor and generous energized apathy.

Nobody got confused, but we are trying.

The new exercise, good for all muscle groups, is to dance around being as confusing as possible while sounding certain.

Fitness fulfilled.

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Thanks for having me on the show.

Glad you mentioned my name.

Hope the people who know me are listening.

Hope this’ll set me apart.

Now I’ll be called an expert.

It’s so easy to earn that part.

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Drudgery has been banished.

That new world, brave or not, has on offer quite a lot.

Someone said the entries were created by a bot.

What they meant we think we know.

Someone, somewhere enjoyed the spectacular show.

If you ask me I will know. It’s that way, I learnt a lot ever since a little tot.

Everything after these words end is about you.

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