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The by-product of conversation was thought followed by progress.

When the ears heard sounds the eyes saw pictures – so they told us.

Two miles and one day from the vortex a birthday cake was offered as a sign of friendship.

The day before things had seemed normal, regular, just like every day before that.

Dancing over fences on a floating cloud of warm air, boundaries evaporated like a kettle blowing steam at visitors.

Attention is advised.

Calm before the fence post.


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Let us raise a flag with little to say and no, or perhaps every, country to promote.

A grand piano was being played in the street, dogs gathered to listen.

The uniformed children were playing officially sanctioned games, with rules and restrictions.

Elderly, well-known local residents were robbing the fountains, taking little cans full of water as gifts for old friends.

We wonder what else was there. What were people thinking. Where were people going. And why. We wondered.

They all knew.


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The boards creaked as we walked.

Two surfers stood on their boards, so steadily it seemed liked we were the ones surfing.

Who can tell which is land and which is sea when distorted images keep appearing?

To come back another day would be the only way to find out.

When the mermaids left, the waves receded and blades of grass acknowledge their salute to the ocean.

Hail to the great breezes of the south.

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Good to allow for the possibility that there is a way ( to solve the problem ).

Defining moments are those – in this case – which open the magic doors to a great result.

Muffins seem to be available for those with any and all dietary preferences.

This is also true – in this case with all and any solutions – with every event, every situation.

Seems just right.


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Same shirt, different city.

The trees had been planted close together over 150 years ago, they now provided ample shade.

Groups gathered at cafes and restaurants to enjoy fine coffee and fresh pampered dishes.

The world existed from this place, not only in it or outside, but it emanated from the shade of old trees.

One month flamenco dancers made a guest appearance.

To them it was a promotion for their ticket sales, at the Grand Theatre of the Empire.

Now, I meet friends and gain insights.

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