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In dandelion quarters wars were peace and toys were ideas.

Verbs and nouns were thrown around like colors.

Steel, emerald and algae are offered up daily as gifts between nations.

We have a notion that the potion was only a lotion, but that they thought it was
so much more.

At the end of the corridor there are three doors.

Of course in this dimension, on planet earth, you can only walk through one door.

Belief…believe me!


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Feeling happily haunted.

A sound arrived and left without comment.

The weather, the temperature, and a bathing suit.

Scarves wrapped in life-affirming style.

A hat, perched sideways like an alley-cat.

Defiantly happy with intoxicating evening air.

Drive on, great golfer. Ride on, western saddler. Walk on, wild forager.

They greet people, don’t they?


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Whether to accept nuggets or nougat.

The choices were given and a decision was expected within minutes.

One deep breath later the future was foretold.

A princess, a prince, and a pauper played in a fountain of noodles.

When was food so important?

The answer was when they realized how important it is if you don’t have it and how important it is if you have, or consume, too much.

Aha! Eureka! The answer to everything!

Now begins the search for good questions.


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Formed by nano-structures and fine silk strands.

We are about to discover time-worn truths and apply their wisdom.

But is that right? Is the wisdom of truths something actual/real/possible/fathomable?

The answer my friends is….yes.

Let the wind blow.


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Feasting on parchment and quill pens.

The ink, the oils, the acrylic, the charcoal.

Instruments of expression.

A mandolin meets a flute and asks where the piano went.

It’s over there, as always.


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