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Your words are worth considering.

Your clothes need some attention…you wear grey and it’s so austere and depressing.

When all round you are doing the same, unless it is uplifting, inspiring and cheering…why not try a different tack.

Don’t just follow the winds, listen to the breeze brewing or cause your own rustling leaves of revelation.

But, it is up to you.

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We are confident.

We hope you are.

At the same time, we are keeping an open mind.

Which one knows and does it matter?

Intuition is valuable, self deception is not.

A sense of wellbeing is good, an ability to reason is valuable, a good result is optimum.

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Sane and solid like an ancient redwood tree.

Tremors and moments of contemplation.

None of them the same thing. But linked by strong branches.

Neural niceties to calm the heated inflammation and fevered mumbling of an old disused wizard.

We can get ready to build beautiful cabins in fresh grown rolling landscapes, beautifying beauty.

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Weakness is a danger more dramatic in its effect than most.

We speak of will, ability to act and determination, not the weight we can lift or the distance we can run.

It does take strength to do what is right when everyone else is making doing the wrong thing popular.

In the end this is something only possible when one learns to give oneself awards and the rich reward of knowing you have contributed to the good.

Relying on external adulation, award or reward is itself a brutal weakness.

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It is so important to fight any element, any moment, of cowardice.

It’s not a matter of “being brave” it’s just standing up, taller and strong, when you know it’s right.

That’s my preaching, my sermon for today.

And, it’s a reminder for me too!

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