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Towards the water.

A lake, a pond, a river, a sea or an ocean.


But so are the mountains.

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Echoes of past decisions and the style of their announcement.

At one time, leaders announced things with a voice of great magnitude, depth and solidity.

Listening to the earliest recordings of these there was something equivalent to an etched-in-granite milestone, a moment in history.

The timbre and sonic resonance of these missives was not as important as the content, the statements being made for better or worse, but that quality often has more effect than the subject addressed or choices made.

How anything is said, the words chosen, mean – almost – everything. Then with vocal delivery, add in tone of voice for complete effect.

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Waves pummeling each other like bronco-riding competitors cooped up in a phone booth.

Palm trees blown, bending as if the gods became lazy enough about plucking coconuts after climbing a tree.

Bicycles in a rush hour race to get home to the fascinating suburbs.

Scientific principles on every anniversary card, for the celebrating of the real.

The pavements lined with bookshops selling good literature and one on the street starting with authors under the letter A and a few blocks away the home of those like Zola, with the letter Z.

Strange afternoon.

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Up to date, with all bonuses included.

We are happy to have won prizes, earned more, and finding many will be a treat to look forward to.

Much is said (we think) about Experiences. The capitalized letter E is because this has become the name of a new Thing.

It is also quite true. Two weeks after getting a new car it becomes familiar, utilitarian (although perhaps months, with a Ferrari GT 40) and even….forgotten.

The memory of the drive into Cordoba on that first trip, or the endless rocky mountain track in the Psiloritis plateau, now that’s bankable…Swiss Bank Style, forever.

It’s those “take me there” moments.

Life is experiences. Some of which are wonderful.

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Parallel translation – one page in each language opposite the other – is something I like as an aid to learning a language.

Trying a sample of a newsletter is good, having to remember to cancel if I do not take advantage, or find no advantage, after a month is a bind.

Some way of being able to say yes or no, I’ll carry on, would be good. Without having to re-enter card details…more like paying with a contact touch of a credit card, that’d be good.

Easier ways of paying a few pennies or a lot more for an article or published missive, would also be a good thing, for who would not pay pennies here and there even for one good article. A year of random stuff, however good, that’s often too much. Especially when most of us already receive “too much”.

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