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Sideways it seemed.

They’d placed every item, books, paintings, tables and furniture, sideways.

It created an odd sensation, as if a fairy tale house had needed its contents this way round so that they fit inside.

Or it could be a trend.

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Starting now.

That was the final straw, the last thing we could accept.

So we bought the place.

And the place next door.

And the street…the city…the country.

Anyway whether we did buy all that nonsense or not, everyone is so much happier, more engaged, excited and rewarded.

We did a small good deed. In secret! Nobody knows why things got better so quickly, and that’s the way we like it.

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She wore a sweater of such bright pink color, it was dazzling.

Dazzlingly enthusiastic, energizing and cheerful. Full of life.

Any bright color will do.

“Will do”! No, It’s essential.

There is reduced hope and happiness in parts of the world where in the cities people wear black, brown and grey clothes. These are “hiding” clothes, for people who want to disappear.

And, they just may!

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We will leave it for another day.

Timing is the most important thing – now is not the right time, then act later.

But this is not a procrastination recommendation!

Everything needs balancing.

Sometimes barging through the “wait ’til the right time” warning like a bull in a china shop (yes!) is the thing to do.

Other times holding back like a rider reigning in an overenthusiastic Arabian horse is the supreme decision.

Just inhale, laugh and change the subject to see which is correct for each moment and situation. It’ll come to you.

And, don’t worry, no courses for sale here. Not yet!

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Are you sure you’re going to wear that silver foil dinner jacket tonight?

What if it stands out?

And then if you feel awkward?

Well, I just wanted to send you a quick note with these thoughts, questions yes, but really to alert you and make sure you get the best out of the occasion.

In a distant future we will know the answers and so will you, or you will know and we will guess.

And I suppose, it really isn’t important. That is unless it’s a big deal to you?

Call me if you feel the need to discuss it.

I’ll be sitting at the top table, but feel free to come and say hello, I’d like that.

Hope you enjoy the evening and perhaps meet someone you like.

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