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It is much easier than some think to be way ahead.

It can be lonely.

For a moment.

Until you find the others.

Them. They are the ones who have removed the duct tape, unsealed the doors and taken a few small and significant steps.

Romance helps as does shedding the stifling coating of formal education!

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The new old-fashioned modernity with extras and bonuses.

The best of everything. You can have it all.

That’s what it says, and all the words were spelled correctly, so it must be true.

The new magic, everything comes without a price.

No effort – all gain.

Everything solved from above.

Watch out!

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Just say yes, no, maybe or naybe.

This new and throughly popular word “Naybe” has caught the imagination of three and a half generations.

Even with the usage fee of 0.0253 cents per use occurrence, nobody complains about its value.

In fact “Naybe” has been voted Word of the Century.

One thing is that we are not quite sure what it means.

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Before that there was that, and now there is this.

Hardly arrived and we forgot to realize we are there, then when we left we had already arrived at the next place, never to see it.

Now. Now. How we love things.

How we love.

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Share the room with a vendor of dreaming pirates.

Little did the captain know his ration of rum was increased and he was about to become a civil servant, yep, a government employee.

Is this when “things changed”?

We are all in the bar at the penthouse plaza club, just enjoying the views.

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